FAQ questions about League of Legends summoner name change rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

The lists will update about once every hour. A full rescan is done every week.
If a name is already taken by an account you can only obtain it via a name change. These names are shown with a green background. If a name isn't taken by a current user you can take it on a brand new account. These names are shown with a blue background.
If the account is banned it may be shown as being free with a green background, however it will remain unavailable indefinitely unless Riot changes their policy on banned accounts. Riot's stance.
The minimum characters for League of Legends names are 3. You can put a space between the characters to fix this.
All timezones are in UTC. Use this timezone converter to adjust them to your local time.
Normally names are cleaned up at midnight UTC. However, in some cases I've found it has taken 48 hours. Check every few hours on the day it is listed.
No. All the names are automatically scanned.
Riot has said they will no longer reserve names of new champions. However they banned the accounts of the old names so they will never expire.