Summoner Level High Scores

The top summoner level in League of Legends!

Track who has the highest summoner level in League of Legends. The high scores can be shown as world wide or sorted by region. See the summoner level leaderboards.

Currently has the highest summoner level in the world at level !

This leaderboard updates at least once daily. Bookmark this page and check back later for new updates. Also check out the summoner name checker or the lists of upcoming expiring names.

Summoner NameRegionLevelCurrent Level
1159Nolife FynnEUW2449Check now
761Toucan CelesteEUW2274Check now
4614ÂnneEUW1691Check now
4081ιyxEUW1663Check now
4536EipaLAN1552Check now
1152ZipTR1472Check now
4535Yuumi SurtadaBR1421Check now
4627RudikunEUW1356Check now
1633NEETJP1349Check now
4535레오나는레모나KR1312Check now
3023GD LoveNA1311Check now
15xxSaLvAtoRxxEUNE1290Check now
4540NebellandEUW1288Check now
4490MakariaGamingEUNE1264Check now
3610사이버교주전종일KR1210Check now
4610Sir CrownguardEUW1204Check now
4540BlaoThorne RJNA1198Check now
1457ˇ SweetyeEUW1194Check now
3180Yi Gè RénNA1184Check now
1151NyxWulfNA1183Check now
4031Igor BaltyskiLAS1165Check now
4541Lux CrоwnguardRU1159Check now
4611트롤협회대표KR1145Check now
4448주 땡KR1143Check now
4462Não me PykereBR1139Check now
3597Miss LuxannaTR1138Check now
3536NímmRoDLAN1138Check now
4364EwokcoreNA1122Check now
1435Lux CrοwnguardEUNE1098Check now
4533AK RòckyEUW1098Check now
4059IPMagazine NA1097Check now
4589워니쿠니KR1081Check now
1383SakυraEUW1069Check now
4391포경몬스터KR1067Check now
2092A Legendary CrabNA1062Check now
3349MelroseRNA1055Check now
4627UwU BigStrongManNA1048Check now
3800LeGokulasBR1048Check now
3812tatsroJP1027Check now
8tarobeiJP1025Check now
4551Doktor IvernEUW1016Check now
4104PÊÑNŸWÏŠËNA1016Check now
1640AlemãzinhaBR1004Check now
3148Seo JuhyunEUW1000Check now
53Gànked ßy DąddyNA994Check now
839내셔 남작KR989Check now
4619i ˇEUW984Check now
4090콩이아부지75KR984Check now
4572고르바순돌KR983Check now
4536검색 탐나는남자KR974Check now
3846가 청KR974Check now
4413Blue GunBR970Check now
3795witsyTR967Check now
4495AGW AnniewhereEUNE967Check now
3788MojitovoNA961Check now
4535れんげJP961Check now
4537CeresiaNA948Check now
3795бyтылкá сáдiсьRU937Check now
1391CrUeLSSNA936Check now
4569PazienEUW935Check now
1155xXBeleXxLAN932Check now
3147SandyclawzTR929Check now
3554HWRedlinesNA928Check now
4619Lil Ms BalletOCE919Check now
4433GaMBlerkoEUNE916Check now
4572NaruuuJP916Check now
4492원딜의불편함KR913Check now
3584민 망KR912Check now
4575몬머스커피KR911Check now
3462Hide on PlankNA909Check now
4294KyoJînTR908Check now
4404Gigant PowerEUW907Check now
4491친일파를몰아내자KR905Check now
3840Gotta Run RunEUW900Check now
2099MalzazarEUW898Check now
4568mi ni xiãng zhüNA897Check now
4516radishNA896Check now
4535CithriaEUNE895Check now
3896YnreiEUW890Check now
4481KataForLifeEUNE881Check now
3599O U O S V A V VKR879Check now
4590モブモブモブモブJP874Check now
4032itachi97EUNE873Check now
1425Not TheSaviourEUW870Check now
4457KìmchìNA869Check now
4607InuYasha0000BR867Check now
1637GluklandRU860Check now
3878SmõkeyOCE858Check now
4079General in NoxusKR858Check now
3478Unknown HeroNA858Check now
4571Ascheriit AtoEUW856Check now
23KIN거운LoLKR856Check now
3478kz0trJP849Check now
4614Mariah CareyKR849Check now
3592GeT CoN TRollEDEUW849Check now
502KQarberrohEUW844Check now
4627승 용KR843Check now
3458OO7EUW842Check now
4627xXxTRYNDAMERExXxEUW842Check now
4624March HareˇEUW841Check now
4500s2mde deilsinizTR840Check now
4057KaikkivaltiasEUNE839Check now
4243croc80BR839Check now
3178반반A무무많이KR836Check now
3478designer drugsKR834Check now
4568iMi MoyaKR833Check now
3163The Magic LevelBR833Check now
3840별의소녀 RaNaKR832Check now
4575SâvageNA831Check now
4627Garoto do ARAMBR831Check now
4575오픈판단빠른사람KR830Check now
4103HerMajestyLissEUNE829Check now
4624The AtlantisNA828Check now
3349 Nathaniel BeeKR827Check now
4417KeeP Si1eNcEKR822Check now
3622Xpect2GetRektNA822Check now
4561주미령KR822Check now
4092unknwnsubjctNA821Check now
4568ArcticBirdNA820Check now
4498ХеймердингeрRU819Check now
4540DranshuLAS818Check now
3614coy27KR816Check now
4570촉촉한 보뎅이KR815Check now
4533RhaellaLAS815Check now
1644독시스타일sKR815Check now
4608Luca PeriniEUW814Check now
4561Спэшл из ЛокслиRU814Check now
4627Baco NA813Check now
4022NicksNicksLAS813Check now
3478윤춘득KR812Check now
4032X Zed XTR812Check now
4406oasiszEUW811Check now
4022seasononeswcverKR809Check now
4279The Oldest GamerBR809Check now
4568Neo el EjecutorLAN808Check now
3464HéctorhSmileLAS808Check now
4575Sínister BládeEUW807Check now
3791BattIe AngelBR807Check now
4574진심팀운없는사람KR807Check now
4627참 척KR806Check now
4381WitchcraƒtNA805Check now
46033억제기역전KR804Check now
4574jhoe furkimBR804Check now
4571스타트 도란검KR803Check now
1644ArtìxBR803Check now
4609IreliacarrysmeEUW803Check now
4027lllllIIIllIIIIKR802Check now
4104N Kat QiyannaBR801Check now
4609The World EnderEUW801Check now
988Uzúmaki NaRuToEUNE801Check now
4617물컹미소녀KR800Check now
4150群馬県産TeemoJP799Check now
3018Agro é técBR798Check now
4575kaymwhyNA798Check now
4627GÒÓFBALLEUW797Check now
1114댕댕이KR797Check now
1446KarolPiramidanceLAS797Check now
745InhibiteurEUW797Check now
4471ProosiaNA797Check now
4094KrakeNRuhSınavıTR797Check now
4074N3wM4tr1xBR796Check now
4589geteroxEUW796Check now
4293te quero moBR796Check now
1113SabırrTR796Check now
4281KDA AraEUNE795Check now
437544MLT44EUW794Check now
4597R3nn0EUW794Check now
4617Rei AyanamiLAS794Check now
3005энцефалитRU790Check now
4561FrëiyaBR790Check now
4293EissaEUW790Check now
685Debonair YasuoEUW790Check now
1636lllVIPlllLAS788Check now
750Jack Herer HazenEUW788Check now
4548ЕlеctroYandеrеRuRU787Check now
3804그냥없다고생각해KR787Check now
3376LuquetaumBR786Check now
4410이즈하면리얼즐겜KR786Check now
4373김때희KR785Check now
4460vladimir bensonLAS785Check now
4589근육대장 근손실KR785Check now
4281TV JεεryxusEUW784Check now
4549WiSsSkyTR784Check now
759SïnisterNA784Check now
4627ApArdent SupportEUNE783Check now
4377Dont be isolatedEUW783Check now
1634TostadiitaOPLAS782Check now
4561sonicssj3xLAS782Check now
4574유미협회회장KR781Check now
786StealthSweetGirlEUNE781Check now
3586QuêsitoLAN781Check now
4432우낄끼우빠빠KR780Check now
4535Daddy IssuwuNA779Check now
3798Ezreally AryEUW779Check now
4463MizaokoEUW778Check now
3478Não Ban Ahri plsBR778Check now
23liam0718EUNE777Check now
4622Bruce is BatmanBR777Check now
2076CritItFromDaBackNA776Check now
4216Don PiruLAS776Check now
23SKT T1 VictorNA776Check now
3005beavis2323NA775Check now
4549Bad GentlemanNA775Check now
989NEIZEUW775Check now
4540SARA JIMENA G VLAN774Check now
4627BITBrantNA773Check now
4495elenchavadoLAN773Check now
781BaalNA772Check now
4512 TanjiröNA772Check now
4359МаурисRU772Check now
1105Gentleman FoxRU771Check now
4540Bae BaeOCE771Check now
4500Gore666EUNE771Check now
4357Uzays TvTR771Check now
3867Månkanshoku MakoLAN771Check now
4595랭겜에강한사람KR771Check now
4094WeykersEUW771Check now
4546RaspWhite MochEUNE769Check now
4571Aje ZigsKR769Check now
4555AregentKR767Check now
4574m4g1c m1keEUW767Check now
4616응원꾼KR767Check now
4074NintendoSwitchNA767Check now
4100EltonBR766Check now
4248Tommahawk1EUW766Check now
1211Unbreakable BondEUW765Check now
4422오라카이KR765Check now
4100용이 멋쟁이KR765Check now
4607Jron ManEUNE765Check now
3183The OneRU763Check now
4569천빡이KR763Check now
4533Nolife RaphaelEUW763Check now
4073wfoedEUW762Check now
4606MiaharugiLAN760Check now
4406zam zebamEUNE760Check now
4540박판봉KR759Check now
4589HATER DE MËNINXSBR759Check now
4279eva gabesz EUNE759Check now
4355The Unreal ShadyEUW758Check now
3634BamberEUNE758Check now
4076StiflerXDBR758Check now
4294Demon PykeEUW758Check now
4616MiDdOoOoOoEUNE758Check now
4610Rachel RoxxEUW758Check now
4627코푼열살푸틴KR758Check now
4496UnknownNasaQEUW757Check now
3458COVEN IVERNBR757Check now
4607구슬박은스님KR757Check now
1149Anomaly024NA757Check now
4569째 까 이KR757Check now
4559케냐죽돌이KR756Check now
40722GunsOneGirlEUW756Check now
4355Honor my Zed EUNE756Check now
4507ArcanopulseBR755Check now
3164ßig FadaEUW755Check now
4562A Garota ArcanaBR754Check now
980롤 한번해보세KR753Check now
1385Nαtascha EUW753Check now
4576Balenciaga선풍기KR753Check now
747PędzącyGromEUNE752Check now
4100IlluminatiønNA751Check now
4022밤비의 무르뜨끼KR750Check now
1114xX CARLES XxLAN750Check now
3582울고있는나의모습KR750Check now
4627PijamaBR749Check now
4561욘 둉KR749Check now
4619Kono KalakawaEUW749Check now
4495CasséTR748Check now
4280리오넬메애쉬KR748Check now
3795서콩이는빙구KR748Check now
3014Super Amumu 2021BR748Check now
4624AyaneBR747Check now
4619MoonbyulNA747Check now
3157FlorczakEUNE747Check now
3464Avatar SpriritEUW747Check now
3017R NNA746Check now
682Q LEGENDEUW746Check now
4536Moonlight onSnowEUW746Check now
4540I am your LadyBR746Check now
2076EvełynnLAS745Check now
4574Khádá JhínNA745Check now
29crueLEUW745Check now
4570JenninxNA745Check now
4616 ArleTR745Check now
3159VAN Xiao Hou ZiNA745Check now
3506melisandre23BR745Check now
4022cex무새끼KR744Check now
4153HellBurnRU743Check now
3797DARKZONE10EUW743Check now
4018Curto SubmissäsBR743Check now
3150Lancelot of LakeJP743Check now
3534lobo ggBR743Check now
4499Gad884RU743Check now
4575Papá de los UwULAN743Check now
4070GhostFace16vEUW742Check now
4561조이원티드KR742Check now
18zam zebamEUW742Check now
715Cirque The SoleiBR742Check now
4610leBebèEUW741Check now
4496prigrevcanEUNE741Check now
989KOBA daCAPADÓCIABR741Check now
4568milliebobbybrownKR741Check now
786BambutzelmannEUW741Check now
4506Toxic aram playREUW740Check now
4281MihnaEUW740Check now
4496Master Josef 001EUW740Check now
3870Legendary KLV RU739Check now
3599전프로 연습생KR739Check now
4403SymboliEUNE739Check now
3797귀여운 안녕수야 KR739Check now
4379iappKR739Check now
4419DulaPeepEUW738Check now
3505Furidamu DevilNA738Check now
4022ali1100EUW738Check now
4317PensieveKR738Check now
1629Dîstant BêllsLAS738Check now
4621MyliuEUW737Check now
4501EvertonReisBR737Check now
4078MAURITRIBR737Check now
3159영 혼KR737Check now
4561AlesskaEUNE737Check now
4077lxl Shuriken lxlNA736Check now
4573ReganBR736Check now
4242기모기모기모띠KR736Check now
4570Queen of SpadesRU735Check now
3348AI NHKjpLAN735Check now
3016ChrisCrinlgeNA735Check now
4611Izidor0BR734Check now
4375love soldierBR734Check now
4270MSDNA733Check now
4627Scárlet PhóenixNA733Check now
1114웃을때귀여엉KR733Check now
3587SasukadingerNA733Check now
1437Mr DeerNA732Check now
45361Алька1RU732Check now
4379Darn bigBR732Check now
4617Rainha PerséfoneBR732Check now
3150AirpIanesBR732Check now
4589WyuxEUW732Check now
45501bwNA732Check now
3376SoMenti O BaSiCOBR731Check now
4501RixsΘnαlixEUW731Check now
4613Demonic ShadowBR731Check now
4570Boromir StarkNA730Check now
4568Capitao FerroBR730Check now
4575EasygoneKR730Check now
4494lHyeroBR729Check now
4571원거리딜러징크스KR729Check now
3457casket187NA729Check now
4409Cao Mei Tian XinEUW728Check now
4535ReeNO Senpai EUW728Check now
4366Seeking OneNA728Check now
3151МЯОКАЙRU727Check now
4573R 렵KR727Check now
3017기다리고있을꺼야KR726Check now
4496PoW3RFuLEUNE726Check now
3236RapanBR726Check now
4569GALAXY S11KR726Check now
3228SâlazârSlytherînTR726Check now
3847Nidaime FurkanTR726Check now
4571Lover Mix BR726Check now
4379PиккиTиккиТавиRU726Check now
3814microfaseEUW725Check now
3151phoenix24808EUW725Check now
4572BiuBiuBiuOCE725Check now
982Baby LittleNA725Check now
4574lIlIlIIlIIlEUW725Check now
839oriraniEUNE724Check now
4072Prestiżowa Ahri EUNE724Check now
4248SultanSuleymanEUW724Check now
4379YamaEUW724Check now
4576Mioux MommyEUW724Check now
4532zucBR724Check now
435433122030delKR723Check now
3176ночной грузчикRU723Check now
4568JánNA722Check now
3867RexSonaaBR722Check now
1666DarkMagician13NA721Check now
45550vertakeBR721Check now
3507Anubis The OtterNA721Check now
4495UnknownNASAEUNE721Check now
1596AmnesiaaEUNE721Check now
4512ARTHUR ProBR720Check now
4576I Married JinxNA720Check now
4627This is GospelNA719Check now
3231AVENGER0011EUW718Check now
4535Iggy AzaIeaBR718Check now
744illhelioBR718Check now
3583Freyja AmorzinhoBR718Check now
4557OTP FeederOskiTR718Check now
4406글레이시아서포터KR717Check now
4249FoleléEUW717Check now
3584조이oKR717Check now
4615Tr3sdeCorazónLAN717Check now
4416RyRy2412NA717Check now
4410MOLOLO90EUW717Check now
3591Tio AuSolBR716Check now
4061OwL KαiξnEUW716Check now
1151JunochirouLAN716Check now
4492가락동참나물KR715Check now
3778Janna SoryeGeTonBR715Check now
1457Dorito Lover EUNE715Check now
4533 F Λ L C Ω NEUW715Check now
4569RocushoLAN714Check now
3778Grand Master aDKR714Check now
660니얼굴무좀꽃폈네KR714Check now
4554 Alpha Daddy AXEEUW714Check now
3180별파괴KR713Check now
3458Psycho SpinEUW713Check now
4072KiselinkaEUNE713Check now
3778AeonaxxxNA713Check now
3017인간혐오자KR713Check now
4368KayeffEUW712Check now
3899CommandressNA712Check now
4568Black CloverLAN712Check now
608AFTV 원빈stKR712Check now
4414GoodWickNA712Check now
4074Alluc4rdDBR712Check now
4027kennel masterEUW712Check now
3776Blow TimeEUNE712Check now
4570시후님KR712Check now
4571Furo never dieNA712Check now
4454iGH iStyleeBR712Check now
4607Master Yi TiEUW712Check now
4617kpopBR711Check now
4134Kawaii PantsuEUNE711Check now
709JandeeBoiiNA711Check now
1629Quad DRXKR711Check now
4415El Árbol TristeEUNE711Check now
1596그 징크스KR710Check now
4568LayNA710Check now
18XXXIIXXXXBR710Check now
4474AhxodiamNA710Check now
1625BMC MAZEEUW710Check now
4506Lucas LegendOCE709Check now
3327 CAPCOMTR709Check now
4368Ryze5LAS709Check now
4288uwu play dravenNA709Check now
3186졸만니KR709Check now
3633magbbEUNE709Check now
4506뽈랑슈와KR709Check now
4056Mama ZokaLAS708Check now
4540ƒlåshOCE708Check now
4589BravitoLAN708Check now
4100enryhLAN708Check now
1456Ezêl BayrâktârTR708Check now
3598Dr CloudEUNE708Check now
1629Pontifex1EUNE707Check now
4574한달에 한번 매혹KR707Check now
4022Pombo PipoqueiroBR707Check now
3478yung hambNA707Check now
4280EspecialistaBrRBR707Check now
4451God Bless My LuxEUW707Check now
4574공 천KR707Check now
4467No More MapleNA706Check now
4614AlmighttyBR706Check now
4608Johan LibheartLAN706Check now
2077cherry blossomEUNE706Check now
4592ElChikiChikiEUNE706Check now
3495RachélTR705Check now
3556I Like DunkEUW705Check now
1626도워니이뽀KR705Check now
1644이상한나라트롤왕KR705Check now
4597Bogdan75MarvelEUW704Check now
4073Pingüino dormidoLAN704Check now
1115ZarfeciusLAN704Check now
4574pλrλdoxEUW704Check now
3182Badran XIIIEUNE704Check now
4414More than WardsBR703Check now
3020HenshBR703Check now
3870Nanny of ShooterBR703Check now
4535Hunter JSRNA703Check now
4535night night dearBR703Check now
4607AKQJ TENKR703Check now
1625JouissanceKR702Check now
4021RambitoTumorLAS702Check now
4617FALKOL VISÃOBR702Check now
4418NO39JP702Check now
4533ありすみるくJP702Check now
4205魅吐混怒痢亜JP702Check now
903ITY SerenityEUNE702Check now
3478T1 KazeKR701Check now
4627aLexusEUNE701Check now
3868cloverClubJP701Check now
3883CuchytriloLAS700Check now
4451쏘CH장KR700Check now
3556MarveilanoLAS700Check now
4368Gab2017EUNE700Check now
977JirayaEUW700Check now
4614alop55555LAS699Check now
4090O7REUNE699Check now
4561IceBorn SenpaiNA699Check now
4611불릿마귀KR699Check now
4549Ðaffy ÐuckTR699Check now
4540Par de garimbasEUW699Check now
4617Sensei KatarinaEUW699Check now
29Midgar10LAN699Check now
4018ManahenLAN698Check now
4020Rufini20LAN698Check now
10정의사도KR698Check now
4552SPContrariarBR697Check now
3795Ahri StarEUW697Check now
3796Rose QuärtzBR697Check now
773TeK BossKraLTR697Check now
3836CinderellãLAS697Check now
1634Akenο HimejimaEUNE697Check now
4606SpöôkyEUW697Check now
4368Ephemeral UshtarNA697Check now
3373BiH PunisherEUNE696Check now
4573개자슥아 싸우자KR696Check now
3592TympyCampy1LAN696Check now
4616oZCham LAN696Check now
4367소라카약국KR696Check now
4557Seven74NA696Check now
4081 ĄlwaysTR696Check now
4030Tilted ViktorLAN695Check now
1643THE BOOGEYMAANNA695Check now
22zackviNA695Check now
4595SWIFT EXILETR695Check now
903Y0RKROYLAN694Check now
4576Aggie DorothyKR694Check now
4568you m boomKR694Check now
4104RickiiEUW694Check now
666고군회장KR694Check now
3460FantiniBR694Check now
4627snowbirdNA694Check now
4558Nakitore436LAS694Check now
4409QuântumEUNE694Check now
2076DMikeyEUNE693Check now
23kaliforniEUNE693Check now
4597wisirayanEUW693Check now
4494vc n é especialBR693Check now
3556HeloanBR693Check now
2074VVipeoutEUW693Check now
1425arfalistKR693Check now
4562GetOutOfMyHeadEUNE692Check now
4103420YayaNA692Check now
4560도끼손KR692Check now
1596Am LilEUW692Check now
4568ReBoN2gEUNE692Check now
1435SeedRoxasEUW692Check now
4553띠 져KR692Check now
6IronbloodxNA691Check now
4561Keep haunting meBR691Check now
4244LordiguelLAN691Check now
4575비 의KR691Check now
3522チンkミルクJP691Check now
1666EmrjdnsrkawkKR691Check now
4419GbrielEUNE691Check now
4358NFNW I SyndraLAS691Check now
4571SgtCellFishEUW691Check now
4615GencasNA691Check now
4021MäteusBR690Check now
3798AkaIi ga kill LAS690Check now
907M3CH4NOS4URIOLAS690Check now
3362Br4inD43DC0nF0rmEUW690Check now
16300nraEUW689Check now
4544Daddy AntsEUW689Check now
1133MérthosNA689Check now
4138mindplaystricksEUW689Check now
3858NydoewenTR689Check now
2073쏭소송KR689Check now
4423Just One WayBR689Check now
4379rusiellaKR688Check now
3543Ξ S a H a N ΞEUW688Check now
1640Moregank FreeMenNA688Check now
4293Primavera NegraBR688Check now
1630GuyJayKR688Check now
450200figuraEUW688Check now
3507JhineticEUW688Check now
4627Riser PhenexEUNE688Check now
1113SoulAlivaRU687Check now
4248SmokeyMesquiteNA687Check now
4495솔킬또한정글탓KR687Check now
3795Mutlu olamıyomTR687Check now
4418iilillillliiKR687Check now
3478Lets G0LAN687Check now
4491이세계나만탑솔러KR687Check now
3791foxdxdLAS687Check now
4451PALITO FURIOS0BR687Check now
4607WH Hiroshi kenBR687Check now
4017사 각KR686Check now
4413Princesse BlueEUW686Check now
4546Rapscallion RKTR686Check now
4572UFOaKR686Check now
4562인성질의 성위KR686Check now
4216KuroheBR686Check now
4206DareMsEUW686Check now
4377ex마오는 진리다KR686Check now
1385대한간호KR686Check now
1597RekSai OnlyEUW685Check now
4394AeguitasTR685Check now
3847Harry BallEUNE685Check now
4274RobertaBR685Check now
4575NOLUR VURMA ABİTR684Check now
4572KrullOCE684Check now
4614bob fetBR684Check now
4107MaestraDeLaLuzLAN683Check now
4292SirenuchaLAS683Check now
3465Hii iM PabLoEUW683Check now
4511ƒµçkîng BlîghtLAS683Check now
4057StrikingUDownNA683Check now
3150Mitsuki KatBR683Check now
4590이상복의충신KR683Check now
17김눌엉KR683Check now
1149aByss SadnessLAS683Check now
3180여덟글자여덟글자KR683Check now
4099Phøbøs TR683Check now
1457꽃정미인KR683Check now
4018ngocdkEUW683Check now
6gtqeti74KR682Check now
1633MixKreatorEUNE682Check now
3179ZOYNLAS682Check now
4492로얄패밀리KR682Check now
4538Hextech WitchBR681Check now
3614Jin WooLAN681Check now
4020OnlyGandalfaLAS681Check now
4589KLOOKERBR681Check now
3152CharaTR681Check now
3159PatricinhoBR681Check now
4597xXBandido98XxLAN681Check now
4496오늘기분빵테KR681Check now
4294VampiressEUW681Check now
4552곰돌이볼베KR680Check now
775we began as oneEUW680Check now
1596ManzanyaLAS680Check now
4557 SoFaKinGBetterEUNE680Check now
1153I Falçoń INA680Check now
4149SorakaSadica BR680Check now
4317ZenoxysEUW680Check now
4393goth hoeTR680Check now
4621Chaos NinjaEUNE680Check now
3614Not InterestedEUW680Check now
4560Sırádán 1iTR679Check now
4495JuNiOrOfHarleyBR679Check now
4397МертваяСовестьRU679Check now
3790Project YaSuOOCE679Check now
409014 07 1996EUW679Check now
4088The Reiner BraunLAN678Check now
4407오이시이KR678Check now
4568Mrs OP BootybeeNA678Check now
4496Matador882LAN678Check now
4450ıIIıIIıIIıNA678Check now
3151stop int mid jglEUW678Check now
4575BãngNA678Check now
4474Yasuo0 mainEUW678Check now
3009ETELALPTR678Check now
779Kimimari xDNA678Check now
3564ImperialGG RU678Check now
38668cm Porem FatallBR678Check now
3023Hit me daddyLAS678Check now
2090Helghans templarNA678Check now
4590Shınobı No Mono TR678Check now
4079YuzomanBR678Check now
3522megajachLAS677Check now
3478Katarina NoxianaBR677Check now
4552ŁivininØbscurityTR677Check now
3584Cyber Bully ZoeOCE677Check now
3159ValiantKillerNA677Check now
4293GS RealityTR677Check now
3478420 RainbowEUW677Check now
4569김수겸KR677Check now
1455SensioNA677Check now
4568Violet S2BR677Check now
4575DopehunterEUW677Check now
4535상준 fanKR677Check now
1151Devil HimselfEUNE676Check now
3608JesserTNEUW676Check now
4627GlimlachTR676Check now
4506L VKR676Check now
4424PelluhueLAS676Check now
3624Bröken SwördBR676Check now
4571맹 극KR676Check now
1094TürksoyTR675Check now
4230Hatake kakashiiBR675Check now
35514dminEUW675Check now
1625Teddy heirKR675Check now
3182Am On The CaseEUW675Check now
3587Permaban10242143KR675Check now
3584AllaynBR675Check now
4568Rebon2gEUW675Check now
4593TruthColorsEUW674Check now
4368소바좋아용KR674Check now
4463ΑkαlynnEUW674Check now
4589Eagle1EUW674Check now
60quesito de cabraEUW674Check now
4368CrüelBR674Check now
4247TwitchTvKaiRaDusBR674Check now
3041Petran PeterPanEUNE674Check now
4375PalosseriaTR674Check now
3778ªø Ś ё G ÿ Ń Ø RU674Check now
4026Jinx Sem ProerdBR674Check now
4597LiquidSheepJP674Check now
3495ŁeonáLAN674Check now
3584KomеrRU674Check now
3864mcorreaBR673Check now
4569꿀리츠크랭크KR673Check now
1625핫쪼양KR673Check now
4571jschannyKR673Check now
3960GiosmaEUW673Check now
3366DamnedHunterEUW673Check now
4571HAKAZE0157NA673Check now
4616MädonnaBR673Check now
3778BeatcopEUW673Check now
4611kokichi ôma 17EUW672Check now
4503Abyss DragunmykrLAS672Check now
4606irön styleEUW672Check now
1641NaîkøEUW672Check now
948HumanAreTrashEUW672Check now
3870Marioj735NA672Check now
4589Mr Del FuegoEUW672Check now
4595SrCiferBR672Check now
1391Nudelholz NinjaEUW672Check now
3531В РОЗЫСКЕRU671Check now
3591LPG JidoLAS671Check now
1626당신이그립읍니다KR671Check now
4449Nb YeonuKR671Check now
1152Cocaine CarlOCE671Check now
4551JoadakuLAS671Check now
4553WetPixelsNA671Check now
4574피자에 꼬쳤닭KR671Check now
1634Miranda MakbetRU671Check now
4574가로등불KR671Check now
4617KetsuiBR670Check now
4426DynostBR670Check now
4568식칼든마이KR670Check now
4162SESKO123eEUW670Check now
687ToasteriEUW670Check now
3588CaroçaBR670Check now
4550xValyStarEUNE670Check now
3583its Xayah btchEUW670Check now
46070ffEUW670Check now
4071ÆnußısEUW670Check now
4451Queen of FoxesEUW670Check now
4511KayasiRU670Check now
4076iKorpasEUW669Check now
1640IIYugiAmaneIILAN669Check now
4535profesoraBR669Check now
4280즐겜유저 향수KR669Check now
4570난뇌가없어KR669Check now
4415Боевой ХомякRU669Check now
3182ZeSuoNA669Check now
23DuchaGGBR669Check now
4606skin daddyNA669Check now
4572욕영정당하는아디KR669Check now
4568Er잔KR668Check now
3860YueHighBR668Check now
1625초귀염KR668Check now
4498전투 기계 제라스KR668Check now
42415O TONS DE BRISABR668Check now
3583하잔하히하하하KR668Check now
4409펜타곤 후이KR668Check now
4606R K 1EUNE668Check now
3505RobaMadresEUW668Check now
3376CG ShinigamiEUW668Check now
3536julián muñónEUW667Check now
1227법원변호사KR667Check now
3891HatemiaTR667Check now
4568전복 물회KR667Check now
4247정글차이만외침KR667Check now
4600EG SvenNA667Check now
1625채팅은 나빠요KR667Check now
4456ElenchusTR667Check now
4569쿠요미KR667Check now
4448TES KarsaNA667Check now
4247HardStuckKittyEUW667Check now
4425SUNGSLEENA666Check now
4451jhulianmaghdielLAN666Check now
4030LORD HEROOOOOEUW666Check now
4512frikky7EUNE666Check now
4355프키도키KR666Check now
4478RM xR3verbBR666Check now
1588TSI JYEUW666Check now
4379너만노릴꺼KR666Check now
4379GAMBLEERKR666Check now
4617IsabelllEUNE666Check now
4568AprisionadorBR666Check now
4549asmadelLAN666Check now
1121XXXXIXXXXNA665Check now
1589Giáo Sü NatNA665Check now
4597Yung KnifeEUNE665Check now
4495paolossEUW665Check now
4574과 도KR665Check now
4569TheLittleMermaidBR665Check now
3587tomatoyukitaLAN665Check now
4403ÅngeINA665Check now
20shiyuanjNA665Check now
4574KidaEUNE665Check now
4295똑똑 빌런KR665Check now
45683MR STICKSEUW665Check now
4090TonbokiriKR664Check now
4072Paolla BratchoBR664Check now
4499Existence PerdueNA664Check now
4568IDuêTR664Check now
4073MelonesDieselEUW664Check now
1634BAEnickKR664Check now
3180Rainy PrahaKR664Check now
3582ZynmBR664Check now
3541EndergunEUW664Check now
3164LyërLAS664Check now
4217DionyxBR663Check now
3542queen shampooLAN663Check now
4492IroncceptBR663Check now
3180ksprykEUNE663Check now
4292WyiboholicEUW663Check now
4279Maverick2BR663Check now
4403Eggcelentní hráčEUNE663Check now
4597너의파트너KR663Check now
4570Noelia GalaxyLAS663Check now
4078blackshiposEUW663Check now
4390VathosNA663Check now
4557x Naker xEUW662Check now
4595Riven KonteEUW662Check now
3614DeathThePenguinBR662Check now
4589Suppprt is here EUW662Check now
1591FoNTeKAEUNE662Check now
3505Zodd D ImmortalEUNE662Check now
4459betojspBR662Check now
4606Sl4rtib4rtf4stNA662Check now
1625YazsuoTR662Check now
3478Lady Anivia BR661Check now
3870LIL 333EUW661Check now
1449drakrisseLAS661Check now
3379Nov3xEUNE661Check now
3545Africana GrandeBR661Check now
1625SuyamahKR661Check now
3552Freya AltruístaBR661Check now
3798SophîaEUW661Check now
3891wonpilBR661Check now
3458IAmNottTFBladeEUW661Check now
19MRN so rlxBR661Check now
4470Papa JesusEUW661Check now
4568DR493EUNE661Check now
4361Rébørn DémønRU661Check now
4230Sisiula7330EUNE661Check now
4463설빙민트초코KR661Check now
3456Hemraj123NA660Check now
4107무녀 미타마KR660Check now
3589SleepTR660Check now
4451DarkcosmicSteveEUNE660Check now
4627ChanNimKR660Check now
4540k 88EUW660Check now
3227UnleashSKLAS660Check now
3003LukianoXDBR660Check now
4574핑와사라리폿한다KR660Check now
3612ChampZoneEUW660Check now
4512GS Karuahc ZeynEUW660Check now
4595MatheusfsBR660Check now
359564adNA660Check now
4132H3llBoyNr1EUW660Check now
4568Sc0rpion123EUNE659Check now
3584NΣΣXEUW659Check now
1630RemyyBR659Check now
4070PD Drag HyphenEUW659Check now
4368thedennysLAN659Check now
1640TWIN SUNSLAN659Check now
3898PsH1EUNE659Check now
4561 The MoanaBR659Check now
22Squint LeastwoodNA659Check now
4512RaFaeuZBR659Check now
4471Sweet ApricotEUW658Check now
4592버스기사AD 원딜KR658Check now
4503Balance of PowerRU658Check now
3589ArmoredmetalEUW658Check now
4413Stray HowlingBR658Check now
4562HûaHuâEUW658Check now
35994 Losers and MeEUW658Check now
4291snow bunniiNA658Check now
4569yus1onKR658Check now
4510WAF yejiBR658Check now
4059SOSHOYNA658Check now
4540Arbok132BR658Check now
3367MúffinEUW658Check now
4404MatrinxaBR658Check now
4561CQ MirandiuxLAN658Check now
4057부족귀족KR657Check now
7Cannon HeartbeatEUW657Check now
1588AlfyhoundEUW657Check now
3858LordeNEUNE657Check now
4616LeøNA657Check now
4540Muié do RicardoBR657Check now
3867420KillaNA657Check now
4498ReplikasTR657Check now
3199라프만KR657Check now
4572afk smoking xDEUW657Check now
4027ADC what ADCNA657Check now
685αmır αιıEUW657Check now
3807HL9EUW657Check now
4353LulusmarckEUW657Check now
3847어머니의마음으료KR657Check now
4628Depression timeRU657Check now
3898aeris the pureEUNE657Check now
4575덧셈뺄셈뭐그런셈KR657Check now
4568MórriganEUW656Check now
3018눈맞음KR656Check now
4607ClimbMasterGoGoEUW656Check now
4104Kátarina E GirlBR656Check now
4606H ą d ë SLAS656Check now
1640WhimLAS656Check now
4496KiraGJLAS656Check now
4202Elizabeth WitberLAS656Check now
4627청년 보수주의자KR656Check now
3217MrEmericaNA656Check now
10i talk myselfBR656Check now
4512lxl Rotted lxlLAN656Check now
4377C6 KepirusTR655Check now
4591JEFF1NH0BR655Check now
4404Troco xp por PDLBR655Check now
4073Aphélios200yearsEUW655Check now
779Zed for life NA654Check now
3229mitsoslegend1971EUNE654Check now
780estephfyLAN654Check now
4288Grigory PotemkinEUW654Check now
4467A Viúva NegraBR654Check now
3838rmffjajrdjTekKR654Check now
4561AwkNA654Check now
4154묘설이KR654Check now
4490Don TherealLAS654Check now
4614티도리KR654Check now
3497ξτπλφδσζEUNE653Check now
4079ZukoLokoBR653Check now
3544MASKED DEVILEUNE653Check now
3546선지형KR653Check now
3899YudofEUW653Check now
3868Liquid ShepBR653Check now
3507NoNoobsHere12NA652Check now
4154아현공주호위무사KR652Check now
4553S9 UnstoppableEUNE652Check now
4378LeftInTheDarkEUNE652Check now
4417왜그러세여 진짜KR652Check now
3381NokxiaNEUNE652Check now
3852I MLXG INA652Check now
23Mystician ShineKR652Check now
4533SurrenderKR651Check now
4490Hide 0n bush TopRU651Check now
1597SilverBeardNA651Check now
3608XenoRainJP651Check now
2087LegendOfDeathTR651Check now
18Sad Boy 2003BR651Check now
4614SNEAKY KEEMOEUW651Check now
1641오설계KR651Check now
3458Спящий АгентRU651Check now
4067NaGaKaBouRoSEUNE651Check now
4463Apenas uma AdagaBR651Check now
624AyyoBR651Check now
2094Patron PatatesTR651Check now
4568Undead AkilesBR650Check now
4293Lunaris AngelEUW650Check now
3478MandralorenBR650Check now
3588RoggerLAS650Check now
1156AEANDRRU649Check now
4451call me when sadKR649Check now
1151Anti VenømLAN649Check now
4161농사왕 다리우스KR649Check now
4592Jgc FMTEUNE649Check now
3478MaeuseJaegerEUW649Check now
4595AleyxalvarezLAN649Check now
1151ŞεηsειEUNE649Check now
3494Lαdy KendrαEUNE649Check now
2087pirlyEUW649Check now
1666Nezuko KämädoBR649Check now
4573RogD02BR649Check now
0S10 SoubanhNA649Check now
4607Mosco MateiBR649Check now
3182Roxas KıngLAN649Check now
1640MustangAndSallyEUW648Check now
3478噂の良JP648Check now
4535만 욱KR648Check now
4569Slaughter ApdoKR648Check now
3156ZuzarionEUNE648Check now
4512ArmagedoNNNTR648Check now
4451정오연KR648Check now
4574SerciNA648Check now
4474YΛSSUOEUNE648Check now
3590LyMysterNA648Check now
4379RidJP648Check now
7first blood godEUW648Check now
3178RazzemzEUW648Check now
932QuenEUNE648Check now
4218생각없이 걍 들감KR648Check now
1157DOOM666LAS648Check now
4550ΔyyZeeEUNE648Check now
4424Know Your PlaceNA648Check now
1447OkazeBR648Check now
3584LL killuaEUNE647Check now
4574UZIforevergodUZINA647Check now
3784LuĆifêrEUW647Check now
4535αngel wingsEUW647Check now
3369S4MPL3BR647Check now
4574왜리시끄런것이냐KR647Check now
3838DäddÿLAN647Check now
4615ÇHåØSNA647Check now
20763D50NLAN647Check now
3507Syt ritoEUW647Check now
4568DoppelDangerousEUW647Check now

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