Summoner Level High Scores

The top summoner level in League of Legends!

Track who has the highest summoner level in League of Legends. The high scores can be shown as world wide or sorted by region. See the summoner level leaderboards.

Currently has the highest summoner level in the world at level !

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Summoner NameRegionLevelCurrent Level
4472Łux CrοwnguardEUW1054Check now
4086Igor BaltyskiLAS1050Check now
4104트롤협회대표KR960Check now
4449주 땡KR896Check now
1446SakυraEUW863Check now
4448MelroseRNA840Check now
8tarobeiJP838Check now
3840Its just an eyeEUW770Check now
4294mąke a messTR763Check now
4457The Magic FiddleBR742Check now
3622Xpect2GetRektNA741Check now
4379몬머스커피KR703Check now
4389IreliacarrysmeEUW701Check now
4293모든라인차단KR694Check now
4361착한 아줌마KR680Check now
1644독시스타일sKR679Check now
4073wfoedEUW660Check now
4420eva gabesz EUNE656Check now
4100EltonBR650Check now
903ARTRIBBASBR646Check now
4404The World EnderEUW637Check now
3861vladimir bensonLAS633Check now
4072AregentKR632Check now
3796AhryaaaEUW626Check now
3778ŁŁ ÂKÂŁÎTR624Check now
3157FlorczakEUNE622Check now
1596lalloushEUNE621Check now
4100God Bless My LuxEUW618Check now
4404oasiszEUW617Check now
759SïnisterNA615Check now
1625ZucBR614Check now
1456Divine InteroîdTR614Check now
4293오픈판단빠른사람KR612Check now
3778눈과입사이 에 코KR611Check now
4472EvertonReisBR607Check now
4357WyuxEUW604Check now
3005энцефалитRU602Check now
1625snowbirdNA602Check now
318023333333NA601Check now
4154МертваяСовестьRU596Check now
1638kpopBR595Check now
3795Mr DeerNA593Check now
3790liliiillllliilllKR592Check now
4393Rainha PerséfoneBR589Check now
3796Sudden RageTR588Check now
3797Second CircleEUNE584Check now
685PhilzorEUW581Check now
4378WUKONG IS MAYNBR578Check now
3189Bullet 4 DanceEUW577Check now
4404BCEBR576Check now
3150upon the windBR573Check now
23kaliforniEUNE573Check now
4390VathosNA570Check now
4404ManahenLAN568Check now
4414Dark KnighTtEUNE567Check now
4404MatrinxaBR567Check now
4404Ξ S a H a N ΞEUW566Check now
775Devil HimselfEUNE565Check now
3163The1LLusionBR565Check now
687ToasteriEUW564Check now
4027Hoarfrost WîngêdTR563Check now
4368Bitcoin CashNA561Check now
7Dr4gonmanEUNE560Check now
4379청담동 개냥이KR560Check now
1227법원변호사KR560Check now
4416RyRy2412NA559Check now
4017NoAJP558Check now
3799IrmãoPandaBR557Check now
4293estephfyLAN554Check now
4022Ðaffy ÐuckTR552Check now
3459Liquid ShepBR552Check now
4160꽃정미인KR550Check now
4248JánNA550Check now
3153SpiritdancerNA550Check now
4379asdljhkwkqjaehkKR550Check now
28TO SnowNA550Check now
2087Slipknot fanboyEUW548Check now
4397ΔyyZeeEUNE548Check now
932Rick TóxicoLAN548Check now
3180Furo never dieNA548Check now
709RiVeN EZ 5EUNE548Check now
3180FPX DoinHNA547Check now
4248DeSchnüssschwadeEUW547Check now
4288AqrnJP547Check now
3870MEGA PANTHR0EUNE547Check now
4293Stress Is ComingLAS546Check now
4404VLL HappyEUNE545Check now
4070NiPvtaNiSantaEUW545Check now
3154BONE OF MY SWORDEUW543Check now
4404NeelOCE542Check now
2090Helghans templarNA542Check now
3790ZenGremoryLAS542Check now
4163GetOutOfMyHeadEUNE542Check now
1641오설계KR539Check now
4425사 각KR539Check now
3180김눌엉KR539Check now
3899YB StefanTR537Check now
4198Lucky ManNA535Check now
1456oO Teemo Oo BR535Check now
3376so badTR533Check now
1448ÏÐ ßåølán GÐNLAN533Check now
3151쏠랭천사KR533Check now
1591FoNTeKAEUNE532Check now
3460Poked To DeathEUW531Check now
3458고인장인SKR531Check now
4240Morgana InfernalLAS531Check now
3381JandeeBoiiNA531Check now
11molradodeKR531Check now
2074The UbiquitousEUNE530Check now
4377C6 KepirusTR529Check now
3178HairTacoNA528Check now
1588Yàsuo 1 EUW528Check now
4022TOTODIBOABR528Check now
4377ZsiQ RickBR528Check now
3601MikeeliciousLAS528Check now
4072Почеши КарасяRU527Check now
3160REMY REBORNBR527Check now
3178 MeiMeiPediaOCE526Check now
20shiyuanjNA526Check now
4022LonelyFoxEUNE526Check now
4247BirmumTR525Check now
4409Fortuna IVLAS523Check now
4410Dimitri 1991BR522Check now
4089BernaelEUW522Check now
3870Not a NinjaNA522Check now
949Pom ZhaoEUW522Check now
549SkooreKEUNE522Check now
4279teancomNA521Check now
786Toucher des QEUW520Check now
3180lNinguemBR520Check now
4025Jinx sniper Bot JP520Check now
4441ÅngeINA520Check now
4022nrlnJP520Check now
1435StoormBreakerLAN520Check now
4439200KmHF0rRunD0wNEUW519Check now
4423ZombiêNA518Check now
3199라프만KR518Check now
4380Mia KhalifâEUW518Check now
3163ну а какRU518Check now
1099쏜하트KR517Check now

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