Summoner Level High Scores - BR

The top summoner level in League of Legends!

Track who has the highest summoner level in League of Legends. The high scores can be shown as world wide or sorted by region. See the summoner level leaderboards.

Currently has the highest summoner level in at level !

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Summoner NameRegionLevelCurrent Level
4778KDA Yuumi eGirlBR1476Check now
4462Não me PykereBR1230Check now
3800LeGokulasBR1061Check now
4679Gun PrestígioBR1033Check now
1640AlemãzinhaBR1004Check now
4413Ichigo KurosakkiBR941Check now
4771i care uBR900Check now
4759Last SeraphineBR896Check now
3553The Oldest GamerBR891Check now
4279zoro348BR881Check now
4759Agro é técBR874Check now
4783BattIe AngelBR872Check now
3376LuquetaumBR867Check now
4786NVC StiflerBR860Check now
4243croc80BR855Check now
4104Desert Rose KataBR848Check now
4786Jhin is BatmanBR847Check now
1644ArtìxBR845Check now
3199Garoto do ARAMBR843Check now
4760Naufraguei XDBR839Check now
4100EltonBR838Check now
3163The Magic LevelBR833Check now
4757EnfurescidoBR830Check now
4655A Garota ArcanaBR830Check now
4787ALLIGATOR snixBR826Check now
4787MeuPuJHINzinhoBR819Check now
4368Mugiwara noBR817Check now
782I am your LadyBR813Check now
715Cirque The SoleiBR813Check now
4782melisandre23BR811Check now
4644ayaneBR810Check now
3534lobo ggBR808Check now
4503ArcanopulseBR806Check now
4763KOBA daCAPADÓCIABR805Check now
4410SAUDADES ZzROTBR804Check now
4613EvexBR804Check now
4500Rainha PerséfoneBR799Check now
4751iLoD BR798Check now
4778EvertonReisBR797Check now
4027ROBIN NOIABR795Check now
3236RapanBR795Check now
4505AirpIanesBR794Check now
4787Lover Mix BR792Check now
4655MAURITRIBR791Check now
47870vertakeBR791Check now
4665Izidor0BR788Check now
4418PijamaBR788Check now
744illhelioBR787Check now
3378Huguera AraujoBR785Check now
3536HeloanBR781Check now
4536Freyja AmorzinhoBR781Check now
4688ReganBR779Check now
4758lHyeroBR775Check now
4763AllaynBR770Check now
4673Sona Sácanagem BR770Check now
3789KLOOKERBR770Check now
3155Capitao FantiniBR769Check now
4760AlmighttyBR769Check now
4552SPContrariarBR764Check now
4280EspecialistaBrRBR764Check now
3376MaNiaCo Do PoSTIBR764Check now
4000Curto SubmïssasBR763Check now
4754visãozzBR761Check now
4079YuzomanBR760Check now
1665Just One WayBR760Check now
4779CrüelBR759Check now
4487Midnight ZychidBR759Check now
3778Janna SoryeGeTonBR757Check now
4589ARTHUR ProBR756Check now
3150o furacão da cpiBR756Check now
714Lady Anivia BR756Check now
3233Primavera NegraBR754Check now
4764Pombo JubileuBR753Check now
4572Paolla BratchoBR753Check now
4426DynostBR752Check now
3150Mateus The RatBR752Check now
3607KasunaBR751Check now
4414More than WardsBR751Check now
4451RAIDCALLLBR748Check now
4452Iggy AzaIeaBR748Check now
1663CaroçaBR748Check now
4759KKanoNNBR748Check now
1626zucBR747Check now
4764Britney HoustonBR747Check now
4494746BR746Check now
4247DuchaGGBR744Check now
4758RaFaeuZBR741Check now
4535xerejaBR741Check now
3230YueHighBR741Check now
4780MarpBR741Check now
4614bob fetBR740Check now
4787Alluc4rdDBR739Check now
3633RobertaBR738Check now
3582ZynmBR737Check now
3020HenshBR737Check now
4762Violet S2BR736Check now
1587Uma Grande NamiBR736Check now
4561 Seraphine angelBR735Check now
18DeathThePenguinBR734Check now
4291Tão tá bom BR734Check now
4568Capitao FerroBR732Check now
4777Rose QuärtzBR731Check now
23HORUS CULTBR731Check now
3864mcorreaBR731Check now
4679Pernuda da PMBR730Check now
4780Hookei o GadoBR730Check now
4759A Senna pra LuxBR730Check now
4020Nescau QuentinhoBR729Check now
4149 Omnipotent KingBR729Check now
4630WH Hiroshi kenBR729Check now
3590Katarina AlwaysBR727Check now
3497iGH iStyleeBR725Check now
4757kpopBR725Check now
4454betojspBR725Check now
4413I feel sadBR724Check now
4668Undead AkilesBR724Check now
4779KàiRaDuSBR722Check now
4762PykkeBR722Check now
4759Rainha XuxaBR721Check now
3182GuïnsooBR720Check now
4757Mikása ÁckermanBR720Check now
44745O TONS DE BRISABR720Check now
782wonpilBR720Check now
4764Keep haunting meBR720Check now
3788KickBR719Check now
4076GatohBR719Check now
3014SpringBladeBR718Check now
4748Arbok132BR718Check now
23RogD02BR718Check now
4762RonivanBR717Check now
4766MädonnaBR717Check now
47600110110101101001BR717Check now
4760Sr MathfsBR716Check now
4764Don Max BrBR716Check now
548ExodiaBR715Check now
4759Senna BõtBR715Check now
4764liiilliilllliillBR715Check now
4673PsyOps S0NABR715Check now
4787DeadlyHighesTBR712Check now
4656MandralorenBR712Check now
4668POPY LendarioBR711Check now
46668cm Porem FatallBR711Check now
4498a jinx CriminosaBR711Check now
4774O Mëstre khäzixBR711Check now
4748KhatarBR709Check now
4759A Viúva NegraBR709Check now
4763KeriaBR709Check now
4665DOUTOR SPOCKBR708Check now
4786LovefluteBR708Check now
4787RM xR3verbBR708Check now
3494JEFF1NH0BR707Check now
3553BUTTABR707Check now
4407WAF yejiBR706Check now
4075EclipticaBR706Check now
4496NOFXBR705Check now
1297Major Von TanyaBR705Check now
3368INFLAÇÃO123BR705Check now
1591WFT LopesBomBR704Check now
3154ShiroganeBR704Check now
4026Jinx Sem ProerdBR703Check now
4035RemyyBR703Check now
4667IroncceptBR702Check now
4471DvorahWinsBR702Check now
4764GGwppBR701Check now
4353Água GourmetBR700Check now
624AyyozeraBR700Check now
4787kendrafoixyersBR700Check now
1158Magu De KonohaBR699Check now
3797Liquid ShepBR699Check now
1588ClodeBR699Check now
3380Kamui TsubasaBR699Check now
4759BLK LostBR698Check now
4663SrCiferBR698Check now
4787Takamura killBR697Check now
3556MatrinxaBR697Check now
4749Wicked PrayerBR697Check now
10Conde ThreshBR697Check now
1114Protetora SorakaBR696Check now
4756MTS JholJhoeBR695Check now
4359Dorama FangirlBR695Check now
3686TheMasterNightBR695Check now
4404OxiúroBR695Check now
4764ZukoLokoBR694Check now
4659Khantus KatBR693Check now
6913141592653589FXBR693Check now
4698DefäultBR693Check now
4781Queridinha YuumiBR693Check now
4778Lamb of MansonBR693Check now
4655Cärdi BBR693Check now
4749x Batata Palha xBR692Check now
4787F ckTheRainBR692Check now
4784RàhBR692Check now
4749FlowerCherryBR692Check now
4760Blessed GuyBR691Check now
4688Apenas um HealBR691Check now
4769lNinguemBR691Check now
19MRN so rlxBR691Check now
4761LickilickyBR690Check now
4783Z13 O COACHBR690Check now
4763iMyuBR690Check now
4235ADG NordGuiBR690Check now
3791SorKvotheBR689Check now
661DivetBR688Check now
4561NinmeryBR688Check now
4780DanziBR688Check now
4635SaiDoMeuPeChuleBR688Check now
4787mayukzkBR687Check now
1385Säilor Saturn BR687Check now
4606PatricinhoBR687Check now
4373Ar4gorn BR687Check now
3890sttormBR687Check now
3847xXBigMikeBR686Check now
4423HébãoBR685Check now
4792BJJLBR685Check now
4781AorisBR684Check now
4687Rita Lobo GNTBR684Check now
0IBrunoBR684Check now
4673SubmissaBR683Check now
4679Jr ElGrInGoBR683Check now
4666Sierra S2BR683Check now
4027BCEBR683Check now
4754kuteBR682Check now
4629Tímido e PuroBR682Check now
3041HyohoNitenBR681Check now
980BattösaiBR680Check now
4767Kayle PsycopataBR680Check now
4667DuuzzzBR680Check now
4759MowryBR679Check now
4661Jinx eh de JinxBR678Check now
4490pornstarxx TalonBR678Check now
4468ASK ShacoBR676Check now
4770Koala AsIaTiCoBR676Check now
4682K0R3SH4BR676Check now
4764JohnLucas11BR675Check now
4763iév agnora adujaBR675Check now
4745B0KU no PYKEBR675Check now
4763Player Darkness BR675Check now
4787CesarBossBR674Check now
4500existindoBR674Check now
4663NaytoBR674Check now
4745The ÜnforgottenBR674Check now
4630OkazeBR674Check now
4764A Bruxa De NoxusBR673Check now
4408AgathaFeroz18cmBR673Check now
1375jacklmanoBR673Check now
3201Strike TeamBR673Check now
4764RayIighBR673Check now
3800KDH NASUS1v9BR672Check now
4490TheSmasher666BR672Check now
590Deusa LissandraBR672Check now
4781BettyBR671Check now
4660Luizin Rei DelasBR671Check now
1590xMuhammadBR671Check now
4784RinoceronteBR670Check now
4778Olha só quemBR670Check now
4777JOGADOR PROBR670Check now
1595xxCaboCaveiraxxBR670Check now
3798legit hypeBR669Check now
4760Pernando FessoaBR669Check now
1382Capitã RogersBR669Check now
3157Edi4BR669Check now
3633GéorgeBR668Check now
4749escondidinho1BR668Check now
4744ScorpionszzBR668Check now
4762terampssBR667Check now
2088Foskam seBR667Check now
4681YamiBakuraXBR667Check now
4471KatapultBR667Check now
4099HoyamiBR667Check now
4778ruldneyBR667Check now
4768Cersei LännisterBR666Check now
4391Joseh SanchesBR666Check now
4655MakkyouBR666Check now
3494Almost DiedBR666Check now
4080IRinIBR666Check now
4777TONHÃO GOGO BOYBR666Check now
4763StynssBR666Check now
4759FMC DanasBR665Check now
4765Dója catBR665Check now
4766Kayle Fast FoodBR665Check now
4762COMMANDER2BR665Check now
1644TombaBaseBR664Check now
4774I JP lBR664Check now
4759Zoe PsicopataBR664Check now
4359Lucia nigthmaresBR664Check now
4495Tiro na p1caBR664Check now
4472HyuguittaBR664Check now
4787AilithBR663Check now
3633Sc0baRBR663Check now
3224JhinlúvioBR663Check now
4418AzuneBR662Check now
3373Lord ShiniBR661Check now
4780always be sadBR661Check now
4782Yuzu AiharáBR661Check now
4294Chapado cm TesãoBR661Check now
4100AswaBR661Check now
4762ZenkzBR661Check now
3799Oi bb Kaisa cmgBR660Check now
4777Não sobro nickBR660Check now
4661KhaeIBR660Check now
4652AndromedaD4BR660Check now
4756Ah não é o CaioBR660Check now
4656C0LÔMBIABR660Check now
4762II ArtemiS IIBR660Check now
4496NaeryBR660Check now
4668bracemBR659Check now
4368useIess and sadBR659Check now
4665pulga goldBR659Check now
4760kalmironBR659Check now
4663ZaycoBR658Check now
4757lee kicked youBR657Check now
4764FíoraBR657Check now
1666Nezuko KämädoBR657Check now
745TheuuzBR657Check now
3614Very BestBR657Check now
4644Kruel01BR657Check now
3613Chavesloke BR657Check now
4777tatraxBR657Check now
4766A Protetora BR657Check now
4655jvcki waiBR656Check now
4366Demon AK47BR656Check now
2074PH insano XdBR656Check now
10i talk myselfBR656Check now
46541 2 3 e vc de 4 BR655Check now
4644LuminnaBR655Check now
4545Darkness Of MoonBR655Check now
4293The TwoPackBR655Check now
4759GrandeMestreIvanBR655Check now
3863vem x1 seu pregoBR655Check now
4766A SantinhaBR654Check now
4756ALUIZIOSBNBR654Check now
1387MorangosBR654Check now
4777S4MPL3BR654Check now
746Zinter Is DeadBR653Check now
4244BresuntOBR653Check now
3608ReverseBR652Check now
4071R I P I O T OBR652Check now
3859ColdryckBR652Check now
4077LEANDROSCKBR652Check now
4747LaserquestBR652Check now
1628Cai LagrimasBR652Check now
3607Imperador RhaastBR651Check now
3838DunnyBR651Check now
4762Bruxa Bennett BR651Check now
4762AsümoBR650Check now
4665Chora pro Vlad BR650Check now
985Cyborgue01BR650Check now
4757AfraiN360BR650Check now
4751pai meíBR650Check now
4626WADYBR649Check now
3589Me and the DeviIBR649Check now
4648Ink AngelBR649Check now
4779kasejimBR649Check now
871FakenobBR649Check now
3155MamaeDavávaBR648Check now
4757G0DYoneBR648Check now
4417lasst WhisperBR648Check now
4764The Osiris BR648Check now
4490ApheliümBR648Check now
3184 J H I N Z I N BR648Check now
4636III RET IIIBR648Check now
4759BrililimBR648Check now
4597Dan 047BR648Check now
4786Hollow Del RioBR648Check now
4787JJulianoHDBR648Check now
3853Stay DrewBR647Check now
4759Selesia UptiriaBR647Check now
4787Cello MelloBR647Check now
3590TMM LuluBR647Check now
4074GustRTBR647Check now
542Mano Xu PKBR647Check now
4784GeminiDanBR647Check now
549Beck LaneBR647Check now
4777leleco o retornoBR647Check now
4491Again de novoBR647Check now
1384MC D4LESTEBR647Check now
1664Phoenix Yasuo ZBR647Check now
4495FioravanteBR647Check now
4766GasukaBR647Check now
4787EndersHu3BR646Check now
4403PaiMazzieriPlaysBR646Check now
23Call me CoutesyBR646Check now
4759Targon QueenBR646Check now
4757I Katsumi IBR646Check now
4686Midnight ShooterBR646Check now
4540SeraphineAll0utBR646Check now
1231Akamy BoyBR646Check now
4784PriistyBR646Check now
4777Instagram matedvBR646Check now
3369Noé S2BR646Check now
4779Traga me O BACKBR645Check now
4403ROkyuBR645Check now
4707JhonspKBR645Check now
4406Rainha FrostBR645Check now
4636 Kalluto ZoldyckBR645Check now
4663AugustoPLBR645Check now
4072Riga UwU BR644Check now
4762ART ANGËLSBR644Check now
4777NámïBR644Check now
3686BOT KAPPABR644Check now
4756Xão de gizBR644Check now
7Little SoraphineBR644Check now
4027CalangaBR644Check now
4552gutsamBR644Check now
3368SAMU em açãoBR644Check now
4759VicciusBR644Check now
4087MíshBR644Check now
3883A Bela e o WWBR644Check now
1115ScytherBR644Check now
4665xMorningstarBR644Check now
4017RobïnhoBR644Check now
3459NMStrikerBR644Check now
4451Rafa BytesBR644Check now
4762SkyekanBR643Check now
4779MaysterBR643Check now
4757Syndra or SennaBR643Check now
4783Natty ButterflyBR643Check now
4636SeradotWav2BR643Check now
4280BsemRttBR643Check now
4249Joao AthosBR642Check now
4783Ichig0 KurosaklBR642Check now
3582EISENBAHN GPBR642Check now
4760Aleatorio7BR642Check now
4787adanblackBR641Check now
4782Teles IVBR641Check now
1427CL OF 2NE1BR641Check now
4663Pink BunnyBR641Check now
4654Sr HookBR641Check now
4641WFT O VeganismoBR641Check now
4027XiangkeBR640Check now
4749Imagine BaronsBR640Check now
0Satã LansquenêBR640Check now
685spookyBR640Check now
3150you like my hairBR640Check now
4532de5HACOmigoBR640Check now
1103IdontShineBR640Check now
939JumadaraBR639Check now
4561Okami RyujinBR639Check now
4360Ninfa das FloresBR639Check now
4762xXMetatronXxBR639Check now
4759Gabriel FariasBR639Check now
3505brasmoreiraBR638Check now
1588Padre QuevedoBR638Check now
4792DustXYXBR638Check now
904FefreakBR638Check now
778Brittany WiIsonBR638Check now
22GuueBR638Check now
4655Tifanny furacão BR638Check now
782S2 Senna S2BR638Check now
4433My BuffBR637Check now
3494TALON O PIMPOSOBR637Check now
4294CrythaliBR637Check now
4409lusousabrBR637Check now
4745shiinashowBR637Check now
4666NABUCOD0NOSORBR637Check now
4663Xayah Bipolar BR637Check now
4783Mestr3 LiBR637Check now
3795Arcanjo AbadonBR637Check now
4787per4BR636Check now
3001Sky Line Fire46BR636Check now
4783Lambe CoiceBR636Check now
4626Grimes BoucherBR636Check now
4471Soraka SUSporteBR636Check now
4626EvelyndaBR636Check now
4745KiraTKBR635Check now
7I wanted to dieBR635Check now
4764GattoZerrBR635Check now
3505Pai Do DariusBR635Check now
22DrKBR635Check now
4777Best AkarosBR635Check now
657bud dryBR635Check now
4757Eo Joao PohBR635Check now
4777le FIPPEBR635Check now
4652T0NY RAMMUSSBR635Check now
4779Pk HolisBR635Check now
4762WLV q Yugo pBR634Check now
3465Fracassado kkkkkBR634Check now
40570 0ff M3t4BR634Check now
4394FUGA NOS FALSOSBR634Check now
4290KoketsunaBR634Check now
4746Maguinho no TopBR634Check now
4784MilannciaBR634Check now
4480BDenadaiBR634Check now
4759OnerbbBR634Check now
4682SandopolisBR634Check now
4409LulunaBR633Check now
3500BIRIBIRIshacoooBR633Check now
4759Lord OrochimaruBR633Check now
4355ySollBR633Check now
4791Tryna get ltBR633Check now
4652twitch o aphrodiBR633Check now
4759HiddenStarBR633Check now
1637F0revyzBR632Check now
3227DerficculocBR632Check now
4685MK ZedBR632Check now
4162TysonnBR632Check now
4786Teixeira YiBR632Check now
4606Cachorro de BoRKBR632Check now
4777jairacleibinhoBR632Check now
4781Rebel XayahBR632Check now
3153Richard TwysenBR631Check now
4225Ocean WaveBR631Check now
46560 H0KAGEBR631Check now
4777CadelinhadaSup BR631Check now
4787iRockieBR631Check now
13xowBR631Check now
4759Blut von NoxusBR631Check now
3795iLinBR630Check now
3495Shinra KüsakabeBR630Check now
4758BDR Valentino SFBR630Check now
3219 PitagóricosBR630Check now
4357ReiShalomBR630Check now
783Star Tilta AkaliBR630Check now
4476Grayve HardBR630Check now
4784Foxy GirlBR630Check now
3867MarcellaBR630Check now
68VayneDeJulliettBR630Check now
4783Robert Ywri 1v1 BR629Check now
4497GodeerBR629Check now
4780GREG D CALCINHABR629Check now
4411Cole021BR629Check now
4661Liska YoukoBR629Check now
4644HannahBR629Check now
3160pit bull amigãoBR628Check now
3505Sine From AboveBR628Check now
3231LlSSANDRABR628Check now
3505PORTIER TABR628Check now
1644Dragonlobby84BR627Check now
4636Uncle CuncuncoBR627Check now
4661AdalyoBR627Check now
458950 Tons de TrolsBR627Check now
23TiodoAramBR627Check now
939TorquatoSWSBR627Check now
3478ChristianNFSBR627Check now
4760Ruy SkywalkerBR626Check now
4785T M ZZZZZZZBR626Check now
4652Give Love UBR626Check now
1433BluheenBR626Check now
4630SNG VioleBR626Check now
1107ASDeppaBR626Check now
4682MinhasZazaBR626Check now
3375Rafaelh2rBR625Check now
4101HëlaBR625Check now
4761bobbrutoBR625Check now
4561HyuunoBR625Check now
4779darkramkBR625Check now
4052DiBodiBR625Check now
4636ZakenWeedBR625Check now
4745FasttGAMINGBR625Check now
0PhesiOlvBR625Check now
4758ViviänBR625Check now
1227hi im kodaBR625Check now
4607SKOLBARBR625Check now
4780hi im YozoraBR625Check now
4756Mamaestro BR624Check now
782Dal loadingBR624Check now
3712Cliint EastwoodBR624Check now
4074JhonnyBR624Check now
909kif FonBR624Check now
4781AcklysBR624Check now
4663YiuukaBR624Check now
4079Red LaxusBR624Check now
3376Pãozinho S2BR624Check now
4663InsolênciaBR624Check now
4780BossunBR623Check now
4757HeLLShoTBR623Check now
4654to know youBR623Check now
4626gregorovicthBR623Check now
4655bicha com localBR623Check now
4764Yüichirö HyakuyaBR623Check now
683salem ileseBR623Check now
3494ButecoDaGalinhaBR623Check now
4663Chupetinha PoBR622Check now
4784olhapraeuBR622Check now
4646Mo XuanYuBR622Check now
4762SH4DOW LOTÚSBR622Check now
4663CptxodyBR622Check now
4778venoncBR622Check now
4668O Super GostosoBR622Check now
4523genji14BR622Check now
4673Löli Dö XandãöBR622Check now
4644NidonBR622Check now
3384H 28GBR622Check now
4086Garou3251BR621Check now
4754XadíaBR621Check now
4419OppennheimerBR621Check now
4758Ki TiroBR621Check now
939Alex OmikronBR621Check now
3478Drauzio VarelllaBR621Check now
4052GashyraBR621Check now
1625Tô no matinhoBR621Check now
4748MaikonstylloBR621Check now
4771SevestraBR621Check now
4745Ivern CapixabaBR621Check now
4362iTalissonBR621Check now
1633Toshyuki KamuiBR621Check now
782Príncipe MestiçoBR621Check now
4745Kattaomoi BR621Check now
4783Legendary DivineBR621Check now
3583zahyö no kyojinBR620Check now
4411DEDEC IS BACKBR620Check now
4646ràziBR620Check now
4787Seryu UbiquitousBR620Check now
4762Vayne WayneBR620Check now
4652xXx CONQUER xXxBR620Check now
4673Elsa SaapatonaBR620Check now
4679Francys07BR620Check now
4777xNamiKaze MinatoBR620Check now
1644Only 4 bulletBR620Check now
783Chopp na SextaBR620Check now
3968Gazai YunoBR620Check now
4312ReignsBR620Check now
4655YoneanaBR620Check now
2072GowthèrBR619Check now
4757xINagatoIxBR619Check now
4074PSG ScherminhaBR619Check now
4780Macio e PeludoBR619Check now
2087ShinjìBR619Check now
4413FKN Owdan013BR619Check now
3883Trakinas MecBR619Check now
1105Priscila SupBR619Check now
3178MonsterWaveBR619Check now
4787I delirium IBR619Check now
3898VerteiroBR619Check now
4452Sam DrakeBR619Check now
3613KiIIMonngerBR619Check now
4080PhobusBR618Check now
4498celosterBR618Check now
4026NA SUPORTE XDBR618Check now
4561MiyeownBR618Check now
4619Ruiva MáBR618Check now
1338alemao072BR618Check now
4784Nami Lulu JannaBR618Check now
1108rrgomes1533BR618Check now
4681PuuhBR618Check now
4766RoséBR618Check now
4658Sett SenpaiiiBR618Check now
4759MayüraBR618Check now
4636BesourinhoBR618Check now
4759Deus CelestialBR618Check now
3614KonoyamiBR617Check now
4781BjsBR617Check now
4745x PSIQUE xBR617Check now
4490Adapt 0r PerishBR617Check now
4570Shiroi ZerefBR617Check now
3496Gig4BR617Check now
4762ChimpionBR617Check now
4498wp twitch wpBR617Check now
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