Summoner Level High Scores - BR

The top summoner level in League of Legends!

Track who has the highest summoner level in League of Legends. The high scores can be shown as world wide or sorted by region. See the summoner level leaderboards.

Currently has the highest summoner level in at level !

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Summoner NameRegionLevelCurrent Level
3614Não me Pykerebr946Check now
3776Exhausted Girlbr831Check now
4104Sad Sorakabr709Check now
4101Garoto do ARAMbr706Check now
4100Luzbr615Check now
3876LeGokulasbr609Check now
3497VIRADOURO SPbr587Check now
780 The Magic Betabr586Check now
4089ARTRIBBASbr578Check now
4050SOROCABA SPbr563Check now
3370Iggy AzaIeabr533Check now
4089Bruce is Batmanbr530Check now
949EspecialistaBrRbr509Check now
3542Bumblebee1991br507Check now
4084Eltonbr502Check now
4086VoU K4T SeUs PdLbr499Check now
4087NaNO StarKbr499Check now
3790DeadlyHighesTbr498Check now
666leoms12br496Check now
3230Tinker BeIIbr492Check now
3019Zucbr492Check now
4090Kurumi Tosaki br491Check now
3534lobo ggbr489Check now
4086Luiz Muratbr487Check now
4080eriicccbr486Check now
4086pinpolhu2br486Check now
3380MilGrausbr483Check now
4088mainJHINgobr481Check now
3020Henshbr481Check now
1455Saffyra Mortlbr480Check now
3634BsemRttbr478Check now
4051TtHhEe MmOoBbbr473Check now
4039Pedro Taurinobr471Check now
4022kutebr470Check now
4086jhoe furquimbr469Check now
4089Take A Bowbr468Check now
4087Mädonnabr468Check now
4087Vondorkbr466Check now
4086Ops Yuumilheibr466Check now
4088The Oldest Gamerbr465Check now
3903croc80br463Check now
4084EusouInevitável br461Check now
1635Rei IYbr460Check now
3608Princesa Freyjabr458Check now
4086Dont Ban Jannabr456Check now
3817Patricinhobr456Check now
3018x His Queen xbr453Check now
3369Gig4br453Check now
3500OshacoVAIpegarVCbr452Check now
3858Fíorabr452Check now
4086Junyperbr451Check now
4087Stay Drewbr451Check now
3956a meta é 1k pdlbr449Check now
3854Koba DaCapadóciabr449Check now
987VHUG yProTrollbr449Check now
4086Khal Davidbr449Check now
4092Anniethingbr448Check now
4086CrônicasDeUmNoobbr448Check now
3634Orbital roxabr447Check now
4087S4MPL3br447Check now
4089x Pinkie Piebr444Check now
4089More than Wardsbr443Check now
3898Jinx Sem Proerdbr443Check now
4087Revolltedbr442Check now
4086x PSIQUE xbr442Check now
4089Sierra S2br442Check now
4086Beyondzbr441Check now
4086Shinra Tënseibr441Check now
4086Anjo Da Noite Lbr440Check now
4088Cherry szbr440Check now
4089DarkinHeikibr439Check now
4087JhonspKbr439Check now
4027BCEustáquiobr438Check now
3584Zoe Adormecedorabr438Check now
4090Luquetaumbr436Check now
4087Warmagedonnbr435Check now
939Riven666br435Check now
4084Espoboybr434Check now
1429ROX Stalkerbr434Check now
3879CiceraRedbr434Check now
4087COOL KIDbr433Check now
4086Luiz Hartlebenbr433Check now
4087vilksbr432Check now
3602KT MENDIGObr431Check now
40890vertakebr431Check now
3351Tô Nem Ai Pra Vcbr430Check now
4089RexSonaabr430Check now
4057MATEUS CYCRONADObr429Check now
3611illheliobr428Check now
4086KDH NASUS1v9br428Check now
3623LUX N É Suportebr427Check now
4088Shephirothddtbr427Check now
3887SbkCrazybr427Check now
912The Ukebr426Check now
3867Primavera Negrabr426Check now
3591Desamorbr425Check now
4086mcorreabr424Check now
3796A Dama Farsantebr424Check now
4089Emiily Lendariabr424Check now
3551iRelionbr424Check now
939Alex Omegabr424Check now
4086Leninstersbr423Check now
3457A Bruxa De Noxusbr422Check now
4087Edietinabr422Check now
4086KR Cruelbr422Check now
4027KaynJhinhoP0RVCbr421Check now
4032Radiant Starbr421Check now
1665pornstarxx Talonbr421Check now
4086Hookei o Gadobr421Check now
4057IMysterionbr421Check now
4090HotDyrbr420Check now
14BresuntObr420Check now
22MAURITRIbr420Check now
23Ãndybr419Check now
4089Coldrickbr419Check now
715Cirque The Soleibr419Check now
3494Kamïkazebr418Check now
3797REMY REBORNbr418Check now
35331803br418Check now
4087Kenji Himura xXxbr417Check now
4086Linuxjkbr417Check now
4088Laço de luzbr417Check now
4087Ironcceptbr417Check now
3898Tina Turnerbr417Check now
4086FLA Hollowbr416Check now
4086CPT MELIOODASbr416Check now
4089Leão Atlânticobr416Check now
4089Patroa da Jannabr415Check now
4086melisandre23br415Check now
1644Mina Myouibr415Check now
4086tao capitãobr414Check now
3457jacklmanobr414Check now
3610Viola Davis br414Check now
3610Izidor0br413Check now
4086Harianybr413Check now
4084Rainha Perséfonebr413Check now
4088RogD02br413Check now
1426GG So aceitabr412Check now
4088IrmãoPandabr412Check now
4091O ZedBRbr412Check now
1151scorfield k9br411Check now
3790zKaynSzbr411Check now
3791Rilex Papumbr411Check now
1106God is a Sonabr411Check now
4084Me MyseIf and Ibr411Check now
4088Sakura Braba br411Check now
3849Rapanbr411Check now
4088Hook is lifebr410Check now
4089SORAKA OPRESSORAbr410Check now
3865suportXbr410Check now
3507Husky92br410Check now
4089Mandralorenbr409Check now
4089bob fetbr409Check now
3374Mystical Harpiebr409Check now
4087COMMANDER2br409Check now
3608SrCiferbr409Check now
3172msbhvbr409Check now
4087Kat Nordestina br408Check now
4088SK Sr Sharksoadbr408Check now
4088Dimitri Luxelynnbr407Check now
938LDN Pombobr407Check now
4088WTFABIObr407Check now
4022HUGUERAbr407Check now
4088Capitã Rogersbr407Check now
3878Kaylasbr407Check now
4088boyproblematicobr407Check now
1387my heart is jinxbr407Check now
4086Doug ES br407Check now
3613Slithbr406Check now
4088KarmaNordestinabr406Check now
4087FLA brtt clubebr406Check now
3838Safirinhabr406Check now
4087PAPO DE THC 420br406Check now
3374te amo Mamaebr406Check now
4089lelecodordcbr405Check now
1428Axé Oxalábr405Check now
4057Adalyobr405Check now
4088F ckTheRainbr405Check now
3458Suprame samabr405Check now
1227SRkiraTKbr405Check now
4086Genius Rivenbr404Check now
4086jochihpbr404Check now
4087Zebob312br404Check now
3868Cersei Lann1sterbr404Check now
4056Nanatsuibr404Check now
4087CraazyIdiotbr403Check now
4090Marido da Day S2br403Check now
3018My Name Is Kyrubr403Check now
4086ReiShalombr403Check now
4086Marcelo suportebr403Check now
4088colejhowbr402Check now
4027Ga2merbr402Check now
3633DonElevenbr402Check now
3369Smolkesannbr402Check now
4022josyannybr401Check now
4086SUPerior a vcbr401Check now
1666CG LopesBombr401Check now
1665IRELIAsaltitantebr400Check now
4084Almighttybr400Check now
3376Pãozinho s2br400Check now
4086MyungCherrybr400Check now
3533Sr Fábiobr400Check now
3556EstudarFazPartebr400Check now
3366Ayyobr399Check now
4020LEE KICKED YOUbr399Check now
3148Emhyr var Emreïsbr399Check now
4089NABUCOD0NOSORbr399Check now
4088kalmironbr399Check now
19Renzaquebr399Check now
4086fakenob ZMRbr399Check now
839Te Pego na Saidabr398Check now
4086Matador de lixosbr398Check now
4089jairacleibinhobr398Check now
539preciso melhorarbr398Check now
3797The Femme Fatalebr398Check now
4084lNinguembr398Check now
4089FiDaNcarregoMSMbr397Check now
4090Diana iInfernalbr397Check now
3533Iron Mainnbr397Check now
4086KaiiRaDuSbr397Check now
1670FLIPERNOOBbr396Check now
4092Ahri Professorabr396Check now
4086ButecoDaGalinhabr396Check now
3024kesleyamorimbr396Check now
3505NOFXbr396Check now
4086 Olha o Mimikyu br396Check now
3353RedFelcinbr396Check now
3889M a t o s a í xDbr396Check now
4086xR3verbbr396Check now
4032Zed Demonnbr396Check now
4087Patrickpgsbr395Check now
4022Digita naobr395Check now
1387CyTTbr395Check now
4088Luluucyferbr395Check now
4086WHTROX Drennabr395Check now
1297Essence Fluxbr395Check now
3521Jhon só do Lubr395Check now
3595LordMoletombr394Check now
4086DDN kaiquebr394Check now
3789Zeldris VLDbr394Check now
4086randerson1533br394Check now
4057dKronusbr394Check now
4087FLA AndEKbr394Check now
4034Madeosbr394Check now
4091Pynnebr394Check now
1670ChaplinKJGbr394Check now
14521LEX LUTH0Rbr394Check now
4086Elizabeth S2br393Check now
4088PaiMazzieriPlaysbr393Check now
4089YueHighbr393Check now
1297Pernando Fessoabr393Check now
4089Gabrielmc3br393Check now
3505Dynostbr393Check now
4086I delirium Ibr393Check now
1149Zero Graubr393Check now
4087AleDiamondbr393Check now
4032nn to d boabr392Check now
4087xxXRodoXxxbr392Check now
3466Dan 047br392Check now
4087ANJANAbr392Check now
4087RZO Gabrielbr392Check now
4089SandyRechunchudabr392Check now
4086UPTM Zed Maníacobr392Check now
4086O Tio SaddaMbr391Check now
4087Khantusbr391Check now
4086GR Sh4dowbr391Check now
1453VUCVUC CEARENSE br391Check now
4089Eric7ernabr391Check now
3505OlhaAbocaGarotobr391Check now
4089PedroHAX001br391Check now
4089Bruja Gélidabr391Check now
4084Raidcalllbr391Check now
4086R I P I O T Obr390Check now
3593Tristantôniobr390Check now
3890Digalbr390Check now
4088RATO Rexpeitadobr390Check now
4022IITheKratosIIbr390Check now
4089Lux Demacianabr390Check now
1637xX FuLL MeTaL Xxbr390Check now
3887im no angelbr390Check now
909Vitor KnT RXbr389Check now
4088Just One Waybr389Check now
3521Lu Incrívelbr389Check now
3872ItEFalConbr389Check now
4089Flango Assadobr389Check now
3605escondidinho1br389Check now
4088Dona Janetebr389Check now
1449Apolo 17br389Check now
4086Quaithebr389Check now
4088Velhabr389Check now
4086Minha Nada br388Check now
4057Sniiper 007br388Check now
4022FiddOfLegendbr388Check now
1437z Fosterbr388Check now
4088ITAMBERIDERbr388Check now
4089Sup dos trollsbr388Check now
4084Bambola Starbr388Check now
4087Cadillac 1977br388Check now
4089TUROK 47 ANIMALbr388Check now
3226Zeus Lightiningbr388Check now
1456XxFlavinxXbr388Check now
4088marinsktt02br387Check now
4088magoloko22br387Check now
3018Ahri Miopebr387Check now
4086KidBuu13br387Check now
4086Meu Mid Não Tem br387Check now
3464I1111111111Ibr387Check now
4089Pmontoyabr387Check now
4086TheMasterNightbr387Check now
3809andredomalPCbr387Check now
3495feeling bluebr386Check now
3546Lord WinchesterXbr386Check now
3797broken cigarettebr386Check now
3545Nïvinebr386Check now
18icehaxabr386Check now
4087venoncbr386Check now
4022Ashley Parkerbr386Check now
745Maycow JAXsonbr386Check now
1644Ciro Bitocabr385Check now
3817 MaximusRichardbr385Check now
3163Sherysbr385Check now
2088lov ubr385Check now
4057SHD nicksonGTbr385Check now
3798Stanley da Suhbr385Check now
4086RomarioACbr385Check now
3372DJJNbr385Check now
3546GnlKenpachibr385Check now
4087divinity johnbr385Check now
3242Fioravantebr385Check now
4090O Deus Fiddlebr384Check now
4086Campana Citybr384Check now
4087Hasan Huitznahuabr384Check now
2092zed do bairrobr384Check now
4086BRZZ Blackbr384Check now
6Thayllanbr384Check now
4088DenilsonPachecobr383Check now
746Kozmicbr383Check now
4086Allaynbr383Check now
4084ruldneybr383Check now
3876ILV Vaynebr383Check now
775Myestebr383Check now
4089xMorningstarbr383Check now
4088Jeffinh0br383Check now
3979a lot to youbr383Check now
3544Bannanabr383Check now
3154Sabrina boladonabr383Check now
4056hi im üdyrbr383Check now
4086O tio do Arambr382Check now
4086Yuzomanbr382Check now
4088Little Hestiabr382Check now
4086Standavurerbr382Check now
4089KorTTex Showbr382Check now
913flavimtortobr382Check now
4086buiuxdarkbr382Check now
4086Rock Kakkobr382Check now
4086Sakuta Escóriabr382Check now
3464Your Zerefbr382Check now
3797RISE RISEbr382Check now
744XisgumotaXbr382Check now
4086LEANDROSCKbr381Check now
4089Yummi Is My Mainbr381Check now
4089Demondbr381Check now
4086mats good kid br381Check now
4089Escanor 7Sinsbr381Check now
4088undeworbr381Check now
3898blackpiritubabr381Check now
3076HitPackUnchainedbr381Check now
3817fica no gol aebr381Check now
3876Yuumi szbr381Check now
4089MauCastrobr381Check now
4086srStynsbr381Check now
4086Awaken Vayne br381Check now
4087Dunnybr380Check now
4086Diego Moc Hellbr380Check now
1434Rainbow Assassinbr380Check now
4086Mark Lark2br380Check now
4090Twysenbr380Check now
3876Quelzabr380Check now
4032Black Halseybr380Check now
3184ionian shooterbr380Check now
1388iseulbr380Check now
4086DPZ Nick Wildebr380Check now
4087Wiccabr380Check now
1630Orìanna Grandebr380Check now
3375RafaelH2Rbr379Check now
4089Teixeira Yibr379Check now
4039yneDiTobr379Check now
4086ROBERTYWRI25br379Check now
1426Lerfsbr379Check now
1633TFE Toshybr379Check now
1150Fefreakbr379Check now
3897FLA Xayah 11br379Check now
3553Criança Travessabr379Check now
4084PASTOR CARLOSbr379Check now
3003LukianoXDbr379Check now
4057MSetebr379Check now
3840Nami de cervejabr379Check now
3878MegaGardevoir1br379Check now
4087Fe insanobr378Check now
3505lifegold1234br378Check now
4088Brilhebr378Check now
3367GabyLubr378Check now
3601Malignusbr378Check now
4088Phil Toverbr378Check now
3382Bossunbr378Check now
4090SÓ GANKO NV 18br378Check now
3151Bar Bard Bardobr378Check now
3374bittenZiKAAAbr377Check now
4088ChamaN0SAMUbr377Check now
4086CNB Diasbr377Check now
3242WillTirandobr377Check now
3792Seryu Ubiquitousbr377Check now
1450Xx Galudão xXbr377Check now
4086shinob Gaarabr377Check now
4056Brililimbr377Check now
4091betojspbr376Check now
4057IamGroot1101br376Check now
4086pinduca crackudobr376Check now
4086ROkyubr376Check now
3505DaniBervique46br376Check now
779RoboPoc Gaybr376Check now
4086CesarBossbr376Check now
4086Midas o Platinabr376Check now
4087FRS Antoniobr376Check now
3542Acronymbr376Check now
4089Tolezanobr376Check now
3876We Can Try Againbr376Check now
3799cleitonférrerbr376Check now
1455Ionianbr375Check now
40871v9 Tryhardbr375Check now
1162Garen ou Teemobr375Check now
3599Britney Houstonbr375Check now
4086dopbr375Check now
4057Portela Probr375Check now
4089N e v a x c abr375Check now
4022Jujubanabr375Check now
4086Fênixximtlbr375Check now
4088RafaeuZbr375Check now
4089segatabr375Check now
4087Grayve Hardbr375Check now
3872RESPECT MY SHACObr375Check now
4086l Killed You XDbr375Check now
3456Matheusfsbr374Check now
3536skydustdeanbr374Check now
4027SenhorVegetabr374Check now
4057q Yugo pbr374Check now
3376INNAbr374Check now
904DARIUS COM TESAObr374Check now
2076caíozerabr374Check now
3780Wolf Kiingbr374Check now
4086Why Lie To Mebr374Check now
4056Kaue de Morganabr374Check now
3608Zïleanbr374Check now
4088gutsambr374Check now
3898iTalissonbr374Check now
4087Dionisíacabr374Check now
987Vladimir Acreanobr374Check now
3383Joseh Sanchesbr374Check now
4089Sou Ikigaibr374Check now
4089MiogioCumOvubr374Check now
1588Snow tigrebr374Check now
4089beerchopbr373Check now
4090Zynmbr373Check now
4086DoLo EvenTuaLbr373Check now
1666Main NAMI é Lalabr373Check now
0FéNoPaiQARekSaibr373Check now
4087CD Khaelbr373Check now
3103Eziladobr373Check now
4034Sugar Frostbr373Check now
4087Eclipticabr373Check now
4087IIAyukabr373Check now
3846Qualquer Pessoabr373Check now
3014Hayladobr373Check now
4089Eolos br373Check now
3838Queen Moonbr373Check now
4088KillerrMCbr373Check now
3379zodetosleepbr372Check now
3898BlodMoonbr372Check now
4089FUI COMPRA SOPAbr372Check now
4087iJeffGGbr372Check now
4057Jessica Drewbr372Check now
4038A blade hears ubr372Check now
4057Undead Akilesbr372Check now
4088The Shy Combobr372Check now
3078Ah sei lá br372Check now
4086Ki Tirobr372Check now
4086Khrom Kruashbr372Check now
3155Kitting do Micãobr372Check now
3878Faytbr372Check now
3589Ataribr372Check now
1642Arraveribr372Check now
1429xINagatoIxbr372Check now
4050MonsterWavebr372Check now
3865TGX Michelangelobr372Check now
4087RED Yodá SLbr371Check now
4089Alefantebr371Check now
4086ÀsLOVEbr371Check now
3903CIA DEYVERTON XDbr371Check now
4086Heishiramabr371Check now
3354DESlSTO CAR4br371Check now
21pacatatubr371Check now
4088JLoirinhoVbr371Check now
4086Jhin Lampião br371Check now
4027MyokoXbr371Check now
3608Cavaleiro IVbr371Check now
3895DarkDaBiquerabr371Check now
4087SSD Tiltadinho br371Check now
4032Sr Shadow Zedbr371Check now
4087HarlequinShiedabr371Check now
3369desisto do galobr371Check now
4089SorKvothebr371Check now
4089keld1br371Check now
4086ALISTÓURÓO BRbr371Check now
4087Capitão Keuubr370Check now
4086NHG Noébr370Check now
4086Fi Du Zébr370Check now
4088adote1amor br370Check now
3846Alice Na Nóiabr370Check now
4088Grot the wolfbr370Check now
40872s Malvadãobr370Check now
4057Matheusrgmbr370Check now
3898The 1v1 Masterbr370Check now
4050ESCRAVOS DO METAbr370Check now
4087Sandopolisbr370Check now
4095Tguimusbr370Check now
4084Eu Sou Rolezeírobr369Check now
4086SammyANPbr369Check now
4086It is Alrightbr369Check now
4080Renly89br369Check now
4087blackest daybr369Check now
3379xMuhammadbr369Check now
3865Katapultbr369Check now
4022Lillakebr369Check now
4087Synnerbr369Check now
4089SK1 Threshbr369Check now
4087RekklesDeMuletabr369Check now
4086On T4rgetbr369Check now
4064Ykayxbr369Check now
3591Jessíebr368Check now
3877Albert ZeNnbr368Check now
4086Lucentyrbr368Check now
3632Gyn Pentakillbr368Check now
4088iRhadamantySbr368Check now
3102ITZ TRAHKINASbr368Check now
3589kittokittobr368Check now
4087B1R1NH0br368Check now
19k0T Shinbr368Check now
4086dead my lifebr368Check now
3846Jannilobr368Check now
4088E o Alduinbr368Check now
4086Chlorinëbr368Check now
4086w900br368Check now
3847Alita B Angelbr368Check now
3151Eve Pervertidabr368Check now
4087itixzbr368Check now
3505Complicatedbr368Check now
4089Räzibr368Check now
4089Billu Bilubr368Check now
4086ILOVERICKTWDbr367Check now
4086GustRTbr367Check now
4088Andromedahbr367Check now
4086Night Pantiesbr367Check now
1446FWC4EVAbr367Check now
3897Little Princessbr367Check now
3847zPornStar Sorakabr367Check now
4086Maysterbr367Check now
4089Stefbr367Check now
4057GO TO THE BEISEbr367Check now
3798just a slaughterbr367Check now
581zMitsurugibr367Check now
4086Kat Kiti Katbr367Check now
4088WOL Darkbr367Check now
4086zIDravenSADbr367Check now
4089Lola Luftnaglebr366Check now
4087IBrunobr366Check now
4086Chefinho Bossbr366Check now
3376FRL Rudeusbr366Check now
3231Ayriebr366Check now
4087PsychoStrangerbr366Check now
28Smoking5565br366Check now
3860TorquatoSWSbr366Check now
4087Mudrakibr366Check now
4087iGabrielbr366Check now
4087Baddest Syndrabr366Check now
4086Yi Midbr366Check now
4035FLA Elevenbr366Check now
23Siozkovbr366Check now
3587xjfseaskybr366Check now
4087zzTRAUMAzzbr366Check now
4086LuxKooribr366Check now
549Leirobr366Check now
21EkkoNamiZANDO RPbr366Check now
4086NexusDNbr366Check now
1642Dark AfraiNbr366Check now
4086Benehimibr366Check now
3860Mister Chinesebr365Check now
3545Uncle Cuncuncobr365Check now
4089Não é a Nattybr365Check now
18SoulHazyTwobr365Check now
4087KAYNd0 de elo br365Check now
4031nahbr365Check now
3807YaRiVaynebr365Check now
4057ElsfLopesbr365Check now
4086Nishiki12br365Check now
1227Haruo Miau br365Check now
4089Hextech Witchbr365Check now
3847Darienne Lakebr365Check now
4086Já Volto de Zelobr365Check now
23Fufu 22br365Check now
4089Agente da Siabr365Check now
4088Trinitorbr365Check now
3150Rebel Xayahbr365Check now
4086Cyborgue01br365Check now
4086Kaisa ChernobyIbr365Check now
1231XPacManX LoLbr365Check now
4086WULFRIC XXbr365Check now
3150Sanébr365Check now
4087O Lobo de Noxusbr365Check now
4086xReplicantbr365Check now
4086O VRAU 3Áxesbr365Check now
3790Devilmanbr364Check now
3898xDxbr364Check now
3858Gunslinger Noirebr364Check now
4086e ae RAFFIINHAbr364Check now
4087MrFestimRivensbr364Check now
4086iMaNiaCbr364Check now
4086Cornin Mansobr364Check now
4086Sorye Ge Ton 1br364Check now
4088Cello Mellobr364Check now
3551l daddy lbr364Check now
4089Aleatorio7br364Check now
1641Ryunbr364Check now
4086yAndryoGaelbr364Check now
3024F0revyzbr364Check now
641Sarment0br364Check now
4086destuidor0312br364Check now
3015Anderson Citabr363Check now
4087Mestr3 Libr363Check now
3873Darth Onixbr363Check now
4057Ragjhin Bull br363Check now
4089LinuxxXxxbr363Check now
1231SucrinuSS br363Check now
4086PHX Robinhobr363Check now
4086I Castiel Ibr363Check now
939Robertabr363Check now
1439i love warwickbr363Check now
3876Pink Princessbr363Check now
3587iaibr363Check now
4088Rinocerontebr363Check now
4086Derficculocbr363Check now
1643Only Irelia Rxbr363Check now
21DruggedScorpionbr363Check now
1666Need For Splitbr363Check now
3554Dotadão Sigilosobr363Check now
4086Tonight Tonightbr363Check now
3154Kat Scrípterbr362Check now
1589AnndyDeviLbr362Check now
4089bellsbeachbr362Check now
4088Ganja Burnbr362Check now
3587FLA Liibr362Check now
1633SnF NiDoBadoquebr362Check now
3010MirhawkYbr362Check now
4092Grounders Trikrubr362Check now
4087The magic cat br362Check now
4089SMG Fukojima br362Check now
4088FRENTISTA WAWAbr362Check now
1642Zero Danwbr362Check now
4086tiozaunbr362Check now
4086Mr Hachibr362Check now
4056Firezadabr362Check now
4086aksunamombr362Check now
4087Á Luxbr362Check now
3847SBK Boa Hancoockbr362Check now
4089ASK Breezyn MECbr362Check now
4088x DOPA xbr362Check now
3507NMStrikerbr362Check now
4089Garoto Vastayabr362Check now
3865V1per Rivenbr362Check now
4086Teles Consagradobr362Check now
3466O Polemicobr361Check now
4088masterisraelbr361Check now
3840Ele é só meubr361Check now
3503José Dias Fbr361Check now
1381LEAGUE IS SO FUNbr361Check now
3890Calíopebr361Check now
4086Olivía Hyebr361Check now
3368INFLAÇÃO123br361Check now
3380Aloniousbr361Check now
938AlbertGandalfbr361Check now
4084Thor Scofieldbr361Check now
3795Xiumizinhabr361Check now
4086Owdanbr361Check now
4086Princesa Glítterbr361Check now
3868Caiovlimabr361Check now
3182SKT L30br361Check now
4087LANCE DRAVENbr361Check now
4021Orochhimarubr360Check now
778Mateus Wesker XDbr360Check now
3839LittIe Moonbr360Check now
4087MENINA DA SELVAbr360Check now
1109z Juliana br360Check now
3790Ahri infernallbr360Check now
13LAST Unperfectbr360Check now
3623AI TOTOTAbr360Check now
4089 Sparkling Star br360Check now
4087Alforizonbr360Check now
4089Lord Shalltearbr360Check now
550MTL Burchop br360Check now
4086Eu uso Pamonhabr360Check now
4086SaintClairSousabr360Check now
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3553PRET0 RIC0br360Check now
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4056Vastayaabr358Check now
3886Damnabr358Check now
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3375KING OF JGbr358Check now
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1428SailorMissbr358Check now
4089BDenadaibr358Check now
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4086Very Bestbr358Check now
4087Storm Templarbr358Check now
3858Lover Mixbr358Check now
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3614Matt Cansadobr358Check now
4089Sonserina não br358Check now
3556TaMacInvocadorbr357Check now
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4086MatMateusbr355Check now
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4090The Lord Eternalbr355Check now
4086Rakan da Xayahbr355Check now
27Dialix SLbr355Check now
4089mapoynterbr355Check now
3858UpfrontAtom20br355Check now
4089jogosdechurrascobr355Check now
4086Kzt s2 Bru 6Ninebr355Check now
7oh noobr355Check now
744Adewale28br355Check now
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4027Manda Chumbobr355Check now
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1433Ívisbr354Check now
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4087Red Banbr354Check now
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4087TigerOfMetalbr354Check now
3494Blazing Bloodbr354Check now
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1426SënYorbr354Check now
2087BrokenMechbr354Check now
4095davrdsbr354Check now
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4056Myhbr353Check now
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2086Yuumi on Bookbr353Check now
4089N K NOAN T Hbr353Check now
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4086l Atlas lbr353Check now
3546Darius of Noxusbr353Check now
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3847eu amo a Evelynnbr353Check now
4089CredoQueDeliciaabr353Check now
4086Lotus33br353Check now
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1643Zoe e Luxbr353Check now
3873DustYXYbr352Check now
3381Moriaritybr352Check now
3505Hërmësbr352Check now
4088Eduardo1914br352Check now
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4095Brienne of tárthbr351Check now
3505Zbanzinbr351Check now
4057Cubo de Toucinhobr351Check now
4087Tô no matinhobr351Check now
4080DrChucrutbr351Check now
4018Sounds of Lifebr351Check now
4086The Gildameshbr351Check now
4089Kurdt Cobainbr351Check now
3846Moon Queenbr351Check now
4089Kanancybr351Check now
3456KR Hemerbr351Check now
4086Vexilebr351Check now
4094ConocoPlaybr351Check now
3155Lëebr351Check now
4086O Segredobr351Check now
3634Vanderleibr351Check now
3150No 0nnebr351Check now
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3862Yuno Dead Endbr351Check now
3150Miniebr350Check now
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4089Ferboy1br350Check now
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4086Platinderbr349Check now
4088FAMELbr349Check now
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3505Bóris Lovebr349Check now
3862Fairy Witch br349Check now
3898OSH DONbr349Check now
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3188Suporte 24 Hrsbr349Check now
4087Boppybr349Check now
13Lingerbr349Check now
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4089Dark Pastbr349Check now
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4086Rise Ambitionbr348Check now

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