Summoner Level High Scores - KR

The top summoner level in League of Legends!

Track who has the highest summoner level in League of Legends. The high scores can be shown as world wide or sorted by region. See the summoner level leaderboards.

Currently has the highest summoner level in at level !

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Summoner NameRegionLevelCurrent Level
4230Prettiest LUDAKR1017Check now
4379트롤협회대표KR949Check now
3867레오나는레모나KR946Check now
3846가 청KR852Check now
1456주 땡KR845Check now
3610사이버교주전종일KR823Check now
4378고르바순돌KR817Check now
4368콩이아부지75KR781Check now
4370니 거기 핑크KR763Check now
4247한국롤수준냄새나KR756Check now
3349민 망KR753Check now
1227Y대빡빡이KR743Check now
3478designer drugsKR706Check now
4354천룡진인KR704Check now
4318댕댕이KR697Check now
3496Raven of PhoeniXKR696Check now
839내셔 남작KR695Check now
4244협곡의눈봉사KR691Check now
4373김때희KR686Check now
4374포경몬스터KR683Check now
4379몬머스커피KR680Check now
3587Permaban10242143KR675Check now
4285캣 창KR674Check now
440119y01m28d15h41mKR673Check now
4370uNLBOMBINGKR672Check now
4027lllllIIIllIIIIKR666Check now
0야래야래야KR664Check now
1644독시스타일sKR663Check now
1114맹구펫KR663Check now
4361첫째둘째셋째넷째KR662Check now
4394트위치티비 TamJaKR659Check now
3808우헤헤으헤헿KR648Check now
4160마법소녀 RaNaKR648Check now
3178망고에몽KR640Check now
4198seasononeswcverKR639Check now
4379캐냐죽돌이KR638Check now
4078왈가왈부 정치판KR638Check now
4368형병진이형은나가KR637Check now
4379어쩌라고유KR636Check now
3017기다리고있을꺼야KR631Check now
782R 렵KR627Check now
4242기모기모기모띠KR626Check now
4379욤요밍KR625Check now
539상관없음맨KR622Check now
1625초귀염KR620Check now
4103백슬기KR619Check now
4363zxcvbnqaKR618Check now
3465착한사람이되자KR618Check now
4353리오넬메애쉬KR616Check now
4397거 물 급KR615Check now
4293방 송 인 릴 카 KR614Check now
4354coy27KR614Check now
4293요정이이잉KR613Check now
4074AregentKR612Check now
4284왜리시끄런것이냐KR611Check now
4272전설의 태양KR605Check now
939쏭소송KR604Check now
4353드레곤바론버억KR601Check now
4379천빡이KR599Check now
4353트롤싫어내가트롤KR599Check now
4397참 척KR597Check now
402710146688delKR597Check now
1426The YetiKR596Check now
4368QuestionVillainKR595Check now
4354누나 살인마KR594Check now
4354iiilliiilliillKR594Check now
22아우라지KR591Check now
4249게임은이성적으로KR589Check now
3021용이 멋쟁이KR588Check now
4363묘설이KR587Check now
4363미친걸KR586Check now
4248잘했으면첼린저KR584Check now
345800000O0000000000KR583Check now
4375오픈판단빠른사람KR583Check now
4391DRX FUKR583Check now
1212나는 무족권 죽여KR583Check now
1385열혈간호KR582Check now
4368오늘기분빵테KR581Check now
718JDG FlawlessKR581Check now
4379daywefellinloveKR580Check now
4357힝 나KR577Check now
983Rainy PrahaKR577Check now
4379원거리딜러징크스KR576Check now
1644대래기수KR574Check now
4025순두두부부KR574Check now
4050장 인KR574Check now
3227DumPTRuKKR572Check now
4244가락동참나물KR572Check now
4379call me when sadKR571Check now
4357별파괴KR571Check now
4248시후님KR570Check now
4107liliiillllliilllKR570Check now
4375EasygoneKR570Check now
8오라카이KR569Check now
4353첫킬은 내꺼KR568Check now
4357부천호철KR568Check now
3633지연바루스KR567Check now
4391승 용KR567Check now
3199miracle akaliKR566Check now
4394김수겸KR565Check now
4368미르의 붉은 매혹KR565Check now
1666EmrjdnsrkawkKR564Check now
341411771292delKR564Check now
4379이상한나라트롤왕KR564Check now
4357포항곰탕KR564Check now
4378코다코다KR563Check now
3148롤 한번해보세KR563Check now
4248RUSIELLAKR563Check now
4379구슬박은스님KR562Check now
3163iappKR561Check now
4354AKQJ TENKR561Check now
10정의사도KR559Check now
4379음 그럼던져볼까KR559Check now
408619대황제 아지르KR558Check now
4379YY ZigsKR558Check now
4363섹 술KR557Check now
4090LreonidasKR557Check now
4395여우 같은 너KR556Check now
4379소원을KR555Check now
3478고군회장KR555Check now
4375응원꾼KR554Check now
4022난 정KR554Check now
4375티모덱KR554Check now
3178입사 마려웡KR553Check now
4071Arcade LeeSinKR553Check now
4379설빙민트초코KR552Check now
4022옥수수덩덩쥬KR551Check now
4074유우이KR551Check now
1114레 볼KR550Check now
4090청령절KR550Check now
3456Anthony DavisKR549Check now
709오이시이KR549Check now
1625핫쪼양KR549Check now
4354abc123delKR548Check now
3587깎쟁이KR547Check now
3795Judgment VertexKR547Check now
4200율이형KR547Check now
1227법원변호사KR546Check now
3180EscaranoKR545Check now
4396Slaughter ApdoKR545Check now
1298We Go HlGHKR544Check now
4202건전한소환사CK58KR544Check now
4379가로등불KR543Check now
4361조까미KR543Check now
4354asdljhkwkqjaehkKR543Check now
4050moneymonkeyKR543Check now
3478선지형KR543Check now
4031아이비리오KR542Check now
4160글레이시아서포터KR542Check now
4379코카콜라조아요KR541Check now
4242즐겜유저 향수KR540Check now
4368정글차이만외침KR539Check now
4238그 징크스KR539Check now
4229그 라이너KR538Check now
4317The DorothyKR538Check now
4368arfalistKR538Check now
4354달빛걸음KR538Check now
4381앞포옹KR537Check now
1455똑똑 빌런KR537Check now
4292샤워해KR537Check now
4354머리에꽃단뇬KR537Check now
3180김눌엉KR536Check now
4379점멸로 꿍해쪄KR536Check now
4379아또죽냐KR536Check now
567BAEnickKR535Check now
3799뽈랑슈와KR535Check now
4072비 의KR535Check now
4355나명예좀부탁해요KR535Check now
906부족귀족KR535Check now
43549171000644KR535Check now
3787KhimchiKR533Check now
3157정신이들어죽었다KR533Check now
7LOL Tower DiveKR531Check now
4259모완수KR531Check now
4353바비인형 김서준KR531Check now
3789갑 순KR530Check now
4353블루먹는 네네통KR530Check now
4073강할수록겸손하자KR530Check now
4379청담동 개냥이KR528Check now
4393놀래키면점멸써요KR528Check now
4317테디형2KR528Check now
4353조이성애자KR528Check now
4285눈춰리KR527Check now
4379하나밍 맙소사KR527Check now
4294스킬을 못 맞춤KR526Check now
718룰루볼꼬집고싶다KR526Check now
4375놀라운원딜러1KR526Check now
437915지는오지라퍼KR526Check now
4354너의파트너KR525Check now
660니얼굴무좀꽃폈네KR524Check now
4376TOAMKR524Check now
1426탈북주민KR524Check now
4353여덟글자여덟글자KR524Check now
9된장말이막창KR524Check now
4368몰락한왕의총KR524Check now
6unlimitKR523Check now
4031꽃정미인KR523Check now
4353채팅은 나빠요KR522Check now
4378중화산동 유해진KR522Check now
1625JouissanceKR522Check now
3478PilchaIKR522Check now
4378난뇌가없어KR522Check now
4375광팔다광탈KR521Check now
1113졸만니KR521Check now
4393Beatus MemoriaKR521Check now
2072아누나그건빨지마KR521Check now
4357Joker갱KR521Check now
4373이런 개간년KR520Check now
4369즐거운 밍밍이KR520Check now
4359꽃이피면KR520Check now
3182정말많이 굴렀다KR519Check now
4363그쪽차단KR519Check now
4022티모장인이심KR519Check now
4391히 엉KR519Check now
4355우아한 발걸음KR519Check now
4359다몽이 여친KR518Check now
3552나는 너무 부족해KR518Check now
1641오설계KR518Check now
4357MEREBEEKR518Check now
11molradodeKR517Check now
2088귀찮어노갱KR517Check now
3810부서져라KR517Check now
4368왕곰뒝이KR517Check now
1630T 망KR517Check now
4379나만 바라 본다며KR517Check now
4280잠깐만오지말아봐KR516Check now
3160the AnkleKR516Check now
4050도깨비큰방망이KR516Check now
4233골딱이지박령KR515Check now
3840Coca JKR515Check now
4393른 지 KR515Check now
4086The라이KR515Check now
4270솔킬또한정글탓KR515Check now
4394imJMKR514Check now
3458고인장인SKR514Check now
1630노란조이KR514Check now
1452chixiaoyubaKR513Check now
4397천년연가KR513Check now
4359참이슬기KR513Check now
4375zi리gu요KR513Check now
4368유미RKR512Check now
4379니얼굴극딜KR512Check now
4206깝죽이KR511Check now
4025Defying GravityKR511Check now
3862Saico RabbitKR511Check now
4354헤르츨KR511Check now
4053무빙만이살길이다KR510Check now
3015b ambitiousKR510Check now
4379로얄패밀리KR510Check now
3199라프만KR509Check now
987미안하면사과해라KR508Check now
3221CHED FLOWKR508Check now
1439옆에있던여자KR508Check now
1427쩡잉yKR508Check now
68KT T1 FakerKR507Check now
4378소라카약국KR506Check now
4375김 시 동KR506Check now
4379모든게계획대로군KR506Check now
4361따뜻햇던여름KR506Check now
4057대동고최대호KR506Check now
4022Round 9 RoundKR506Check now
3180그만좀오세요좀KR505Check now
4022한 시봉방KR505Check now
3478한가로움KR505Check now
1225채팅치면안함오픈KR505Check now
4161No M PlayKR505Check now
3523노르쟈KR505Check now
1630GuyJayKR505Check now
4284500렙KR505Check now
3800커여워KR505Check now
977SuyamahKR505Check now
4353991TKR504Check now
23탑만이 인생이다KR504Check now
4357영 혼KR503Check now
3496겜중엔채팅차단KR503Check now
4284다이애나서스KR503Check now
4393사 각KR503Check now
4354서포터manKR503Check now
4355채성현KR503Check now
4355찬 찌KR503Check now
4200너무편한거아니냐KR502Check now
4379네가원한건 나야KR502Check now
4378카타좀하는사람KR502Check now
977종토리KR502Check now
1099쏜하트KR501Check now
4379카 서 스 달 인KR501Check now
4378allround enjoyKR501Check now
1114꽉건들면던진다KR501Check now
4094ChojjaKR500Check now
4355YukSu RekklesKR500Check now
4379또 래KR500Check now
4379칼바람만할꺼다KR500Check now
3898종국0I두마리치킨KR499Check now
4100여왕달빛럭스유저KR499Check now
40535월 멍멍이KR499Check now
4378jschannyKR499Check now
4284SKT T1 김재희KR499Check now
4213LI코KR499Check now
4378과 도KR498Check now
4243롤은재능보다노력KR498Check now
4363천 꽃KR497Check now
4270남탓말고니탓해KR497Check now
3478협곡의여신님KR497Check now
4239노브레끼KR497Check now
4398아프리카TV양지혜KR496Check now
4160심심할때능KR496Check now
4281어머니의마음으료KR496Check now
4361플 있어KR496Check now
4289o별 수호자 자야oKR496Check now
3478Ultimate LuxsKR496Check now
4375물만 먹고 살아요KR496Check now
4021렝 과KR496Check now
4379검색하지마라KR496Check now
4225니네 동네형KR496Check now
4368칼바람표식충KR496Check now
3876NprKR496Check now
3374제라스의 아버지KR496Check now
3614July 21 1993KR496Check now
4027SchnauzerKR495Check now
4077손쉬운 사냥KR495Check now
4160말뚝딜로여기까지KR495Check now
4377선픽 이염KR495Check now
3817낵하글힌굴흠글힘KR495Check now
1149야 탄KR495Check now
4218깡총깡총토끼KR495Check now
4225xiaofexiaKR494Check now
1741330787delKR494Check now
1385꽃 사돌KR494Check now
4072잘못해도돼KR494Check now
4379잘생긴김백수KR494Check now
4372지옥으로가는궁KR494Check now
4090shaco masterKR493Check now
4285말랑말랑찹쌀모찌KR493Check now
783강남hi머딩거KR493Check now
4379몽돌아패해지지KR493Check now
4022전투 기계 제라스KR492Check now
4354욜로딩거KR492Check now
4280SaKeyKR492Check now
3158여러분들의오더KR492Check now
4354PS깡이KR491Check now
3186마야스오장인이다KR491Check now
3231이동삼간고등어KR491Check now
3160롤안하는현우KR491Check now
1123KEKEKEKENKR491Check now
3797보고싶은소환사KR491Check now
4353MaeeehKR490Check now
924LCK T1 SupporterKR490Check now
1597히뜨루 빠뚜루KR490Check now
683Sugar boyKR490Check now
43793054KR490Check now
3553도망무쌍KR490Check now
3899애 7lKR490Check now
906셔 터KR489Check now
3505저봐우리바텀봐바KR489Check now
4375괜찮지 않은KR489Check now
4271수노공KR489Check now
1104Real QueenKR489Check now
4362빅톤 한승우KR489Check now
3797복숭아충KR489Check now
4379형 빈KR488Check now
4154빡친당KR488Check now
3542아이스아메리치노KR488Check now
3458비류나무KR488Check now
4379Top 기도KR488Check now
4368Randy SavageKR488Check now
4357SKT T1 엄마KR488Check now
4396NekoKR488Check now
4107웅태여친KR488Check now
1159본죽익힘KR487Check now
4377아 오빠 싸버렸어KR487Check now
4354파인드라이브다KR487Check now
1301GAMBLEERKR487Check now
4099폭풍이즈리얼KR487Check now
4379Penta 원딜KR487Check now
4270BobLorrainKR487Check now
4202구르메쥬KR487Check now
4355군영전문폭격기KR486Check now
4056See You AhriKR486Check now
3163우르프는용싸움KR486Check now
4379라인동선로밍킬각KR486Check now
4317니들 혹시KR486Check now
4057싸에라싸티리비KR486Check now
4379GAG WOMANKR486Check now
7셀리엔KR485Check now
1456철마산도롱뇽KR485Check now
4357raisontpKR485Check now
3795Meine FrauenKR485Check now
4022우물에핑크와드KR485Check now
3186묻고 케틀로 가KR485Check now
4379너므촤다KR485Check now
4025Regret the pastKR484Check now
4078무지개떡2KR484Check now
4354BioKR484Check now
4390KJJKJHKMSKR484Check now
1301집중하겟습니다KR484Check now
3799역삼갓철수KR484Check now
4378점화사용법KR483Check now
4353쌉 주노KR483Check now
4271황산적인플레이KR483Check now
4244친절한 연우씨KR483Check now
4057다리베인케인KR483Check now
4390유미매운탕맛집KR483Check now
4379BJ 게귀KR483Check now
4354구리사는마동석KR483Check now
4320노래 잘해요KR483Check now
4238Mossad TokyoKR483Check now
4366나는탑신병자KR482Check now
4359즐길래말래KR482Check now
4379프래이KR482Check now
4372박재윤KR482Check now
4302M 크리스KR482Check now
4378삼십삼억KR482Check now
3502끝없는 자기반성KR482Check now
4379조규남엄마다KR482Check now
4012그러게진작잘하지KR481Check now
744우유카레KR481Check now
3960SKT T1 1111KR481Check now
4368lllllllilillllllKR481Check now
3157왕따는사회악KR481Check now
4354XiahsinKR481Check now
4225문카타KR481Check now
4073야스오 탑감KR481Check now
4354교1동 꿀주먹KR481Check now
3163몽환의숲튽훈KR481Check now
3799custom JeanKR481Check now
3221옥수수동동쥬KR480Check now
4080FisheyelensKR480Check now
4379오빠홍콩보내줄께KR480Check now
4378황금심심이KR480Check now
4380마네키네코KR480Check now
4379게임에재능이없어KR480Check now
4270하얼빈장췐이KR480Check now
43793000만큼사랑한다KR480Check now
4022란 OIKR479Check now
3795신림오소리KR479Check now
4284인 덩KR479Check now
4376포기하지않는의지KR479Check now
3505버림받은계정1KR479Check now
4288R4GUKR479Check now
4259IS2S2IKR479Check now
3879조희팔머머리KR479Check now
21세상은 나와너다KR479Check now
4368하세기스오KR479Check now
4355프키도키KR479Check now
4050스피딧KR478Check now
3612밤 나KR478Check now
4027곳음돛이KR478Check now
3378Texas RangersKR478Check now
4369불꽃점멸KR478Check now
4353백금DiscoKR478Check now
3810엔터키부순사나이KR478Check now
3462마스터 위KR478Check now
4270커모온KR478Check now
4207달달한멜론빵KR477Check now
3458강새봄KR477Check now
4205꼬자부러KR477Check now
552오비맥주공장장KR477Check now
4379목덜미물어줘KR477Check now
4031앞쩜프KR477Check now
4225얼음정수KR477Check now
4245LeZeuzKR476Check now
23나들이 갈까KR476Check now
4353Eunha SoOKR476Check now
4244후냐효끼KR476Check now
682Battle MachineryKR476Check now
4354압구정스타일KR476Check now
24날효33KR476Check now
4383피아노 블랙KR476Check now
4357상철리우스KR476Check now
4270쿠x용KR476Check now
26등골이 오싹해KR476Check now
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4353KangcheolKR475Check now
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528TrustMeForeverKR475Check now
4050Bronze 2tierKR475Check now
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34781soq2KR475Check now
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4272슈마이자고KR475Check now
23kacon1KR475Check now
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3592MountaineerKR475Check now
1425영쓰범쓰KR475Check now
4317꿀꺽연희KR475Check now
4379Eternal ForceKR475Check now
4104PsccKR474Check now
4378탑 후픽충KR474Check now
3632걸스데이소진이뻐KR474Check now
40861종보통운전KR474Check now
4366아무것도모르는자KR474Check now
3008그 곳에 머물기를KR474Check now
1456못난2KR474Check now
780성희인데KR474Check now
3865miriruneKR474Check now
3600남친도 암살KR473Check now
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1427Rally MonkeyKR473Check now
22남방프로젝트KR473Check now
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4225용용이KR473Check now
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3777액션겜좋아합니다KR472Check now
4022nealcaffreyKR472Check now
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4392국 익KR467Check now
10놓치지않는다KR467Check now
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4379CIRCLESKR466Check now
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7Talez7KR465Check now
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1625RainF0restKR465Check now
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3587League of TuNaKR464Check now
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3176ctrl f3KR463Check now
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1107Do not smokingKR463Check now
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1132분명원딜골랐는데KR454Check now
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4284개잡는스님바비형KR453Check now
4368틈만나면앞비전KR453Check now
4357Poison TrailKR453Check now
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3478미니맵꺼놓음KR453Check now
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1437오물오믈 오믈렛KR452Check now
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4368궁금해하지말아요KR452Check now
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4270De SaudadeKR452Check now
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4353김그랩KR452Check now
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3800아미르티무르KR451Check now
4353yigeyahouoKR451Check now
586HadKR451Check now
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3776국내산 엉덩이KR441Check now
4394갈릴레오KR441Check now
1211맨트가좀쌔다KR441Check now
4360PARLIAMENT리KR441Check now
4379관계자외데스금지KR441Check now
3587Permaban01158377KR441Check now
4217알리스타 MasterKR441Check now
0두 봄KR441Check now
3873음란한갓동찬KR441Check now
6오른이된 규남KR441Check now
1230김치참치볶음밥KR441Check now
4284FC바로싸KR441Check now
4022찡얼대지마KR441Check now
4379제이스이즈진똥챔KR441Check now
4379동해산개복치KR441Check now
4357아니 좀 아니KR441Check now
4317오늘밤너의원딜러KR441Check now
3795Eins 타꼬KR441Check now
424964271869delKR441Check now
4022신난 야옹이KR441Check now
1384chn 096KR441Check now
3860토리니KR441Check now
4398침착해KR440Check now
4249o wishKR440Check now
4248거친딜러KR440Check now
1298우리서폿레전드네KR440Check now
530지눠니이KR440Check now
4379베스트샷KR440Check now
4379레네버KR440Check now
4057Limit BrowserKR440Check now
550그만죽어인마KR440Check now
3494바지속최자방망이KR440Check now
4378겨울 바람 하늘KR440Check now
4354러슁이KR440Check now
4022WWWWMMMMWWWKR440Check now
3846깨어있던 시간들KR440Check now
4225끄끄끼끼KR440Check now
3839겨 니KR440Check now
0U Lose one headKR440Check now
436846541231684321KR440Check now
4280캡틴유KR440Check now
4057위대한 정글KR440Check now
4375인절미 머랭쿠키KR440Check now
4379나짱EeKR439Check now
4317개웅중체크카드KR439Check now
7깽깽이발로갈까요KR439Check now
4057롤은무었이다KR439Check now
4392Beatus LeporemKR439Check now
3599서연아 사랑해KR439Check now
4027연돌이KR439Check now
4317한송이KR439Check now
4379장소 유KR439Check now
3182젖잘나오는남자KR439Check now
4361바람같이살련다KR439Check now
4374탑은역갱이지KR439Check now
4246DaHeeAmondKR439Check now
4354in the wayzKR439Check now
1429그대만 바라보다KR439Check now
747메시님KR439Check now
3867소나여왕KR439Check now
3180오픈안하면이긴다KR438Check now
3783비전 이동 판단 KR438Check now
4232미키몬KR438Check now
4379향paKR438Check now
4354Do Bad WellKR438Check now
4358정화윤KR438Check now
977개 굴 찌KR438Check now
1385슈퍼스타 혜지KR438Check now
337046살가출남KR438Check now
2095논현동LPGKR438Check now
4379블리츠갓KR437Check now
3368꼭 이겨줄게KR437Check now
3193곽미향 곱창집KR437Check now
3614팀운 않 좋은사람KR437Check now
4379백팔룡KR437Check now
3226레전드레곤KR437Check now
4270안달프KR437Check now
4379448936aKR437Check now
4073P2 ZZangKR437Check now
4281앗 노플KR437Check now
4027칡 흙KR437Check now
4354이효리순심이KR437Check now
4378갓뚜디KR437Check now
1113견뎌야올라간다KR437Check now
4379Zhen yuanKR437Check now
3582N행시 장인KR437Check now
4379남탓하는니들수준KR437Check now
1404신화급KR437Check now

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